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JWTG is becoming more boring because of this!

So, I’m not saying I quit, but a lot of creatures went out of rotation. And you may ask, so what? A Pyro raptor You can’t get won’t affect that much! He’s a low level. But the thing is if Ludia wanted to make us lose dinos, they just hit 2-3 Bird with one stone. The Dino may have a hybrid that is good, all hybrids are, And even worse It may have a super hybrid!

I remembered back in 2019 where you can get dimetrodon at level 26! This is what makes Ludia boring. We don’t have much actions, main thing of the game is to unlock dinos. Who agrees?

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yeah and trex in lvl 19 :rofl:

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T. rex, 19?! That’s the strongest non hybrid legendary!

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Gotta say, As The food Costs and bucks Rarity went up, they should have made rexy Harder to get. if I were to have her right now it would take me while to make her at level 10.

maybe ludia should change the battle stage reward just a little bit, like you not only win dna but maybe also bucks or loyalty points

Agree on That!

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Actually the Gen 2 is.

Plus there are 2 aquatics more ferocious than Trex, both Styxosaurus and Kaiwhekea.


As for certain dinos being locked, i am actually OK with it. It’s just another mechanic to keep you interested in the game, waiting for unlocks (basically the same as me, a late game player, waiting for tournament dino unlocks). What I am NOT Ok with is Ludia adding hybrids that require said locked dinos that have unlocks once in a blue moon. As the case with Geolasmosaurus.

Waiting is just a facet of life, and so it should be no different in a game that requires time investments to progress. If you find fun by rushing to completion in a game, then this and/or any other mobile game just isn’t for you.

These locked dinos are still obtainable, just in different routes compared to straight up unlocking. Thus its not to take away dinos from your roster, but rather soft cap progression, and egg you on to spend money in this game to obtain them.