JWTG is going downhill.. here’s proof

Yo guys. Many of you guys already know this, but JWTG is dying quickly. Here’s what I found. #1: Good ideas. Ludia isn’t really thinking of actual good ideas. They just throw a random Dino into the game and hope at least a few players come back and mince their money into a few packs to at least try to get the new addition to the game. #2: Something I noticed in the pass. Take a look:
They forgot about changing the icon for the pass! I know it’s not a big deal, but it’s probably gonna scare a few players into the thinking the pass hasn’t changed. #3: Comparison. JWTG is nothing compared to JWA. Better graphics, better dinos, and imo, a better plot. More action in the battles as well. Daily battle incubators, rewarding you with good prizes and dna. So in comparison, JWA wins. Ludia just puts more effort into it. Why don’t you do it for jwtg too? I wasn’t trying to change any opinions here, It was just what I noticed. Later!!

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I have no idea what brings you to the conclusion that game A is dying because you have the feeling that game B is better.

I would bet that most people who play JWTG the game for a long time would have a different opinion about which game is the better one. Both games are so different, they definitely address different types of gamers.


Yeah but they didn’t change the icon so case closed right?

But joking aside, I agree. I have tried JWA and it’s not for me. I reserve the right to change my mind, but for now I love JWTG - it definitely appeals to me more than JWA.


:’) thanks guys.

Just an opinion, you know.

The season pass icon was left as is after much discussion. It was not forgotten. :slight_smile:


…Maybe to keep players playing and invested in the game? JW;TG is FAR from the first games to do games-as-a-service model.

This doesn’t mean the game is dying. If anything there is new life in it as shown by the number of new dino unlocks we have been getting. Our last Gen2 was released just over a year ago (Anky Gen 2). The only scary era this game went thru was when Ludia took a bunch of dev resources to make Alive. That’s when content here was at a trickle, but it has since recovered. Maybe not back to year 1-2 of this game where many dinos were added at one time, and frequently at that. It’s still very much in a healthy state.


If any game is going downhill it’s JWA. Interesting or not aside, the increased amount of pathetically strong new debuts and unbalance in the arenas of JWA is at this point nothing less than a joke. So many people quit because of these factors. Sure there’s the usual verdict that if you don’t like the game no one stops you from quitting it but when the condition of the game is accompanied by chaos on a large scale, that’s a problem.

The threads in JWA forum themselves speak volumes on this.

IMHO, a relatively (relatively being highlighted) stable game with lack of fireworks and fancy new toys is definitely not as downhill as one where there’s unbalance written all over.


as long as you dont pump XXXX $ into this game, you can play it forever. i play jwtg 2 years now and i still have so many dinos to hatch or to unlock.


JWTG just doesn’t feel right for me, guys. It’s just a bland game imo

Agreed… But as you know, old friend— balance and JWTG do not go well together… In my park, anyway. :eyes:


Also I like how you incorporated some… chaos “theory” into your reply here. :wink:


Haha yes, you and me both. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: