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JWTG needs real leadership

And yet Luda will give me the “it’s not our equipment it’s yours bullony”. Question. What’s the problem with Lydia realizing maybe they shou step aside and let the pros handle it?

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BTW I’m on a 5g connection

The same here… ridiculous :joy:

The app on the store has been filled with so many 1 star ratings since the latest update that it ain’t even funny.

Ludia will fix this it’s just a matter of when.


Heard brother. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

Probably fixing the server. Like in clash Royale lel.

No connection, I’m on wifi at home, obviously online since I am posting this. :angry:

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It’s not just me then. Always was curious when this happens whether or not it happened to anyone else

Hi all, Keith just posted some information here, wanted to let you all see it


I just had this problem too, restarting my iPad seems to have fixed it.

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I restarted, it did not fix it

All fun and games till the ratings take the wheel :joy:


It was bad timing for that in game survey too that’s for sure


There seems to be a good bit of variation in the issues people are experiencing so what one person says “fixes” or “helps” their game doesn’t mean much to the broader community.

I’ve said it before, I have 3 accounts on 3 devices, all the same device and only my account is giving issues. Both D1 and D2’s account’s work flawlessly. My account has also been decent enough that I can still do just about everything in the game with out getting resets, just frequent crashes and even at times everything but battles work fine for a short period of time without crashes. But by the sounds of things other players have it far worse than me with the game basically being unplayable and routine reseting of progress which just stinks.

When I completely restart my device it typically helps a bit but it is short lived and I’m back to it being trash, wash rinse repeat to get anything done. I don’t expect that to work for others.


Just out of curiosity sub is there something you have done in your main game differently to the other 2 accounts you have that might have caused the bug? Did you purchase any beacons on your main account?


I’ve been trying to figure out if there is something somewhere that might make a difference and I can’t really come up with much. My device is pretty bare bones as far as what i have installed on it. It is basically only used for JWTG, their tablets are littered with all kinds of games. Which also means my free storage is much better as well.

I even went and turned off a bunch of access stuff on mine last night to see if that helped because theirs are children accounts built off of the parent account so they have some restrictions. It didn’t seem to help. All accounts have the new beacon stuff. The main thing is I did the tournament on my account and I only did 1 battle on each of their accounts to get the sDNA for that task. My account also did not have issues until Sunday evening. It started right after I finished the one PvE out of no where.

That’s about all I got. I would normally blame my poor internet for my issues but since their games work fine that is clearly not the case.

it’s strange


Sunday morning I started getting the crashes which makes it even stranger as everyone seems to have encountered this bug at separate times.


Yeah that’s the strangest part in my aspect too. I mean there must be something that triggers the bug to reveal itself and seemingly we have done it, whatever it was, in seperate times during our own gameplays.

For instance, now I realise that I recognized that there is an option to customize our beacons way after I did my first run on Friday. Like Saturday afternoon I think, after I’ve read about it on the forums. :tipping_hand_man:

Now I’m blaming the beacons even more.

Bad beacon, shame on you. You naughty naughty boi.


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