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JWTG needs real leadership

Only had that problem a few times. It actually wasn’t that bad tbh, came back and all the land clearings were suddenly done :joy:

I edited my beacon immediately, and I never crashed. So idk.


Another issue I have is this.

I’m sorry but this makes me want to actually fight Lydia employees. I sacrificed A Lot… I have nothing to show for it.

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Total bs…excuse the cussing insinuation

I told them to remove mod fights from my game completely. Maybe @Keith can help make that happen

I want results

Ngl this is kinda wrong to blame Ludia, you unbalanced yourself by getting a level 19 Indominus Rex. The battles you face up will all have creatures above/equal to your best. So now all the event dinos your facing are much beyond your average lineup. Suggestion: Get more powerful dinosaurs that are Indominus League or sell your Indominus.


Yeah Patrick is right, those modded events plus FfF alikes are already difficult, even if you are keeping your line up in balance. When you unbalance yours on top of it, then it becomes pure nightmare as you now experience. :tipping_hand_man:t2: