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I’ve been hearing tons of rumors JWTG will be shutting down very soon. In perhaps two years or so, this game will no longer be available and its servers will go offline.

So I’m giving a suggestion: instead of shutting it down, just make it an offline game where we can still play. You could pre -plan the COT’s and tournaments, and events remain the same, no need for special events

Maybe get 2 people to run the Support function. In an example, Star Wars Battlefront 2 ( which has ceased updates ) they only respond with support now, no more updates.

I do not want this game to sink into the ashes completely. To me it has been something special since last 2020 during the pandemic.

Yes or No ?

  • Yes!
  • No…

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@Keith @Ned could you pass this request on to the team ? :pray:t2:


Wait what that’s still going? That’s such an old game, I remember the first still it was amazing one of the best games ever released.


I didn’t play it but I love its concept, yes it is still going on but there are no updates as I heard they are working on Battlefront 3 ???

All those trailers are so cool to be honest


Are these official reports or are these rumours? Please clarify.


Rumors, sorry for not clarfying :sweat_smile:


In that case, it might be nothing more beyond a false alarm. JWtG is alive and well, and is still making profit to Ludia. The increased features though they may be undesirable, cough Playable Bosses, are indicative of the same. Only with respect to the fact that it may not be as active as it once was does not mean it’s going away; on the contrary if it were really dying then it would show signs of the same like Park Builder did: lack of further updates, disabled transactions, etc. None of these points apply to The Game yet so please let us not assume such things based on rumours until officially hinted or confirmed.


Thank you so much, although it takes away half my fear I still want to pass this on to developers as one day they want to shut it down

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Yeah these rumours are based on false information as fury says, gaurantee this games still got a lot of life left.

  1. Dominions not even released yet.

  2. The offers in the market have literally halved in costs, a company that is looking to close down their game will not half their costs of in game purchases.

  3. With new models and animations like scorpius rex and the new boss animations require money being spent on these so ludia is still going strong.

Nothing to worry about for the next few years at least.


Said day isn’t coming anytime soon. Good things come to an end eventually, best we can do is live in the present, enjoy these games as much as we can now and make the best memories we can with it - because contemplating on future events of situations like this is disheartening to say the least. When it stops making profit, when the community grows dormant and dormant by the days, when we stop getting updates and features - that is when we know. But in present scenario this does not apply. While I agree with your suggestion, it is way too early to contemplate on it.


Also ludia teaming with jam city is another plus, more funding for the game.


Ah what you say is true, alright I’ll make the best out of it as much as I can :smiley:

Probably I’ll set this page to release again but not anytime soon


How could I have forgotten about that :man_facepalming:t2:

Alright time for the good times :smiley:


I almost forgot too, some people might say that’s a bad sign but no company is going to fund another company if they knew it was dying out in the next couple years, wouldnt make any sense business wise.

Take a look, some of these were priced extortionately not too long ago, all I’m seeing week after week now are some pretty good deals compared to last year…


Well, JPB was replaced by JWTG. I’m pretty sure JWTG will be replaced, too by another dinosaur movie franchise based game. Still, I don’t want this game to shut down anytime soon. :frowning:


I’m probably squeezing myself in here a bit more than desired but I will add that if you have queries regarding the game then you can ping a Community Manager in Off Topic or topic relavant threads instead of making new threads based on assumptions leading to alert the community. Rumours are not exclusive to games; they are prominent in several other spheres of real life as well so steering clear of those is always better.


Re -read their Jam City post and hopefully they’ll invest more in JWTG


Thanks for clarifying man !


Well, rumors can be based on something real, so they may sometimes be true.


Actually, I’m not surprised there are rumors about this. The game came out more than 6 years ago (correct me if I’m wrong), so it may shut down soon.


With regard to context, I respectfully disagree. The community managers provide us information should any such event be occuring. In regular situations, some rumours like the ones you say may be spread due to leakage of official source information; but as for this game I doubt the same applies. Nevertheless, true or false, we never know unless officially indicated.