JWTG Tips: 2 new rarities!

I got these two ideas!
I hope they like them!
I think they are used to increase the dinosaurs in the game!

1- Tournament Super Hybrid


Dracoceratops + S-DNA Proceratosaurus


Dilophoboa + S-DNA Spinosaurus

2- Hybrid VIP


Ankylosaurus Gen 2 + Kentrosaurus

What do you think of these ideas?
  • It would add value to the game
  • I think it’s a good idea
  • There is, but …
  • I don’t think that’s a good idea
  • Ruin the game

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I’d like everyone’s opinion as it costs nothing.
@Moderators can also vote

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The issue I take with these ideas is the notion that they would all be more powerful than both indos based off how rarities play into a hybrids stats.

This would be too hard to balance and could open up a nasty can of worms, of extrapolating the late-game power creep.


True, it could be!
But it could also help expand this game!

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Adding more tournament dinos also expand the game, but are worthless to different levels of players. These hybrids you suggested will be useless for anyone who is sub-indoraptor in this game. They aren’t bad ideas, it’s just the execution and implementation I take issue with. Adding things for the sake of adding things is how we ended up with the abominations known as playable bosses.


The truth in this statement though… :joy::ok_hand:t4:


As much as i would like vip hybrids the only way of seeing them is if vip creatures can be Unlockable otherwise it would take ages to get a creature by current ways (solid gold or the 20 k pack) . First of in order to unlock the creature you need to buy the card pack of the animal . After you unlocked the creature you can only buy them with vip points


I’d rather support adding Gen 2s of a lower rarity for the VIP dinos this way the stats of the dinos don’t cause balance issues.


the real problem is the ankyntrosaurus because many players dont have vip membership including me and it is very expensive as it costs like 35k loyalty points


What I would personally like is if they did a line of Tournament Creature superhybrids (and not just one or two per eternity like they did with Indoraptors). Game wise I know this isn’t very desirable, I just think it would give a bit more purpose beyond just Indoraptors.

Then again they would be taking up a load of resources to create and invest in, added to the fact that even for the End Game players the rewards in daily events aren’t really that much up to the mark for effort. (looks at Fight For Funds)


But even then, I’d prefer Ludia focuses on S-Hybrids for Legendary Hybrids first, not the jump straight into Tournament S-Hybrids.


Yeah that’s what I meant by it wouldn’t be desirable to have them in. That was just me daydreaming lol, didn’t mean it in a way that they should be added.


Ah, I see now. :wink:


I dunno I’m pretty tired of the indoraptors being the strongest things in the game now and how were only riding on 2 (basically 1 cos they’re the same) legendary s hybrids, they need to add a load of legendary s hybrids to compete with the indos and then a load of tournament legendary s hybrids to stomp the indos and add more longevity to the game imo.

And why would vips need to be unlockable in order to get their hybrid? Over the span of a year your gauranteed to get a few of them to 40 naturally.


I clicked “ruin everything” by scrolling down on accident. My actual vote is: “it would add value to the game”


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