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JWtG Yard Sale

Hey guys, just for fun, how about a Thread to show any JWtG related areas which you have quite a big amount of? It could be something like having a good quantity of Resources, Creatures, maybe Trades having excellent ratios but you don’t immediately need them as such in terms of gameplay progress, etc.

Sorry about the title, that’s all I could think of :woozy_face:

I’ll start with one of mine… :eyes:



I’ll see your 22 Pyroraptors and I’ll raise you 10 more :grin:


Wow, someone’s been collecting :wink:


My spinosaur will be happy…

And I get so many of these elephants that one sold for dna the other day when I hatched it

Also thanks to pelicanipteryx always appearing in CT to coin with around 30 to 40 mill coin…


I think I could be the king of this thread a couple of months back, but I think I’ve way passed by that point. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Maybe I can still share my current DNA but would be pointless since you’ve been seeing it in almost every post that I’m being lazy to crop 'em out.

But anyway, stay tuned for a couple of weeks more. I’ll be building an army with paddocks at least half filled by some great and also maxed out creatures! :muscle:t2:

Rare hybrids are the strongest candidates for this purpose, we’ll see. Oh and sure, s-hybrids, even now they are flowing in like hordes. Thanks to this new customization update. :sunglasses:


I can sell my pelonco, I fused ne and have another 2 max!!!
Also all unlocked common can go to sale, I got so much level 1 sitting there


I was too you know? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Then I’ve suddenly decided to max out EVERY SINGLE super rare and below since they are coming and coming one after another. So it has started to feel kind of a waste to me and I’ve started to hatch 'em quick at first, then upgraded them as much as I can do. Now I’ve only got 1 pair of each class from commons standing at lvl 1 intentionally for fodder formations. Beyond those, everything that comes up to your mind is either upgraded to its point before an evolve or maxed out. So I’ve a nice collection of low level maxed outs if a strange tourney with absurd rules comes by. :sweat_smile:

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I never max super rare, because they cost a lot of food and I dont need them lineup wise, but I do sell them and it gets me a lot of dna per week, also I do ax super rare for the hybrid but I love maxing rare and common