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K-Pop psycho fan

I don’t know if this is an actual bug or not. But I played the “date” with Min-Jay where he flies you out to his concert and Amanda the stalker… I mean fan… is there.

Why is there no avatar for Amanda when you interact with her? Is it a limitation of the software or was this a mistake? I mean, there’s no indication that she’s invisible and the other band mate you meet has an avatar.


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Thanks for reporting this to us, Karina_D! I’ll relay the feedback to our team. :slight_smile: At the moment, there is not an avatar for Amanda.

I had wondered that, too! I was waiting to see how she was depicted and be irrationally angry with her :sweat_smile:

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happen to have been happy to not see her,knew game self would have been all the more angry with her behaviour. as if it was any sort of acceptable as it was. ha,not even close,talk about throwing shade.

In all honesty. I only matched with Min-Jay because he looks like a girl, but now I know a bunch of stuff about K-Pop that I didn’t know before.

But yeah, his weird stalker fangirls can do one.

I’m still not gonna listen to K-Pop though :grin:.

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Same! I’m not going to pretend I’m fully into the K-Pop world, I like some songs and what not, but the fan base is wayy too intense for me!

And agreed with the stalker girl. I’m curious how it’s gonna play out but am not looking forward to it :joy::woman_shrugging: