Kapro is always 300 meters away from my place

i saw there is a kapro far way i took the elevator to ground floor and planned to walk closer. during the 30 second inside, signal is interrupted. when i am on the street, the kapro, most of the time, diappears…(not only kapro, everything other than common disappears after taking an elevator)

hate it!

Question…do you use wifi at home, and then switch to mobile data as you go down the elevator?

I use to experience the same thing when I left home…once I was outside of wifi range, I’d get a bump and have to reconnect. Started turning wifi off before I left home and don’t get the bump. Though, in fairness, it could easily be the elevator as well.

Also, if you see it outside, don’t click on it before you get down and in range of it…if you do, it seems to start a countdown timer for when it disappears.

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yeah, i connect to wifi at home…

i will try not to click the creature next time.


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easy: move your house 300 meters closer to Kapros spawn.
difficult : go for a walk and stop complaining

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i complain because when i walk out and it disappears…

also i drove 200 miles a week to hunt…