Kaprosuchus S-DNA

Since Spinotasuchus came to the game , he became one of my main targets . But it is really hard to make him due to the very few kaprosuchus S-DNA . How much should we wait for him to become a S-DNA mission reward or a code 19 reward ? All these time I have more that 8 thousand velosiraptor S-DNA but only 1400 kaprosuchus. Some of us want to make other super hybrids than Indoraptor. We want more S-DNA for the other super hybrids


Fully agreed on the spinotasuchus being basically no longer available to hatch.
My indoraptors are maxed at 12/12. Well nobody’s forcing me to hatch anymore, but besides the level 20 I foolishly made earlier, I’m going to stay at 11 for the others for as long as I can. Actually, there’s no reason I can’t. I simply have to resist the temptation to hatch any more indoraptors by ignoring accumulated velociraptor SDNA.

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It’s particularly frustrating for those of us for whom the Indoraptor even at lvl 1 is too powerful to add to our lineups. I have no intention of making one for quite some time, so the Spinos are by far the best carnivore I could add. At the very least the s-DNAs that aren’t in daily missions should ALL be in the modded PvPs. And ideally be rotated through the Code 19s as well.


@Mary_Jo, you can see here that even a level 10 indoraptor is fiercer than level 40 VIPs. Leveling indoraptors any higher will only aggravate gaps with the rest of my lineup. In your case, probably some level 30 VIPs at least would pair nicely with a level 1 indo.

Which is exactly why I don’t have one yet. I only have a couple VIPs I’ve leveled up past 20, and even those I’ve kept at around 22. I will need quite of few more of all the different VIPs as well as the legendary+ hybrids before I am ready to bring everything up higher. Quite simply, I don’t NEED everything to be higher, I can comfortably finish in Dominator without Indoraptors, particularly due to the depth of my bench, and reasonably quick cooldowns, which leveling everything up would greatly effect, so there’s no reason to rush to get one (other than annoyingly being stuck on a mission that wants me to make one… or a lvl 31 I-Rex, same issue). Especially with needing to get my ceno and aquatic areas up to a higher level being more important to me right now.


Actually, for tourneys, I leave an entire chunk of the top of my order unused, regardless of whether there’re other events that need them. For fun, I’d sandwich a 10 indo between two common herbs for pretty much a guaranteed win, around 34 trophies. So yeah, I don’t think anybody really needs indos to be in dominator. I find them very useful in tougher events, especially versus strong pteros that’ll wipe out even my strongest amphibs with a single blow.

Oh I have no doubt there would be times they’d be useful. Just not enough that it’s worth throwing off the difficulty of everything to have them added, until I’m sure I have enough of everything to level at least a reasonable amount of other stuff at the same time. And that is going to take a fair amount of time to get to.


@DinoStan I see that you have the same problem with me . You have so many Indoraptor S-DNA but no Spinotasuchus . But I do not have any Indoraptor be made and neither I will . I just do not like this hybrid.

I don’t like the fact that Indoraptor is so powerful . It is something like the “god” dinosaur of the game and causes a really unbalanced situation . If someone evolve it to 40 level (by hacking for example ) they have nothing to fear at PvP (except of another level 40 Indoraptor team) . Ludia has to find a way to reduce the gap between Indoraptor and anything else . Although I do not meet it at PvP I am sure that for other players in higher levels than me , it is really annoying .

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Perhaps, but they are going to have a heck of a time in any events that would be based off your top AFS but don’t allow the use of it (of course anyone that hacks the game really doesn’t care about such things). And it is really frustrating to encounter a mission wanting me to make it when they have made it so overpowered as to be a detriment to players at my level to get. The fact that I can easily reach the top spot in Dominator and hold it as long as I feel like continuing to play but feel an Indoraptor would ruin my game really says it all.

Doubt Ludia will change it though, considering how much players that HAVE reached the point where they can have Indos, and lots of them, would be REALLY mad if it got nerfed.

@Mary_Jo I just hope the next hybrids to be more powerful than usual in order to decrease the gap with it . I also think that a little Indoraptor nerf and a bit buff of other existing hybrids would improve the situation. Unfortunately , as you said , many players won’t like it , but I think that soon they will discover that more balance equals more fan .

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That would be nice.

However being the data collector that I am and dealing with trying to get all the cenos updated after having almost ALL of their stats modified, I am definitely in NO rush to have MORE creatures in the game changed!

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I got two spinotasuchuses at level 10 each.

Could not agree more. I was kind of smitten by Spinotasuchus when I first saw him, so was disappointed that the DNA required to make him is so scarce at this time. I would also like to have Monolophosaurus DNA more readily available in the future.


Oh yes , not so many changes together ! If Lydia deside to change other creatures it should do that after some period of time . But they should change something .

Much of the SDNA needed for monostegotops, I got during the transition from boosters to MODs (there were a series of trade options before forced conversion), then more recently, via the modded PvP. Ditto for the diplosuchus and, of course, the indoraptor.


Yes I was away from the game for awhile so am playing catch up. No worries as I like taking my time to enjoy the experience. Spinotasuchus will come in time. :upside_down_face:

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A little off topic but what is the quickest and easiest way to get s-dna?

In my opinion it’s mod PvP.
If your lineup is strong enough that you get the elite wheel and you win you will have a 45% chance to get a lot of SDNA (at least 50).


Defo. I regularly get 30 sdna on the pvp wheel and the events only net you 10-14 in most cases