Kaprosuchus S-DNA

@DinoStan keep hatching the indoraptor and if your paddock is full sell them for standard DNA, use it as another source for DNA farming.

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Sigh… unless the prize wheel hates you and refuses to land on them! But also notice that the Kapro isn’t included. So really not many ways to get it right now since it’s not on the Code 19s or Daily missions either.

Right now I don’t lack DNA. My indoraptor situation hasn’t gotten that critical yet, just planning ahead. Worse case scenario I’ve thought of is to level up to 21 if need be. I’ll have to do my third level 11 this week since my next indoraptor will finish hatching sometime Monday morning.

You must be hitting the MOD PvP regularly, you are starting to pull a lead on me for the number of indoraptors you are now two up on me.

Depends on how regularly is defined. The daily 3x PvP for sure, then a few more. Nothing extreme or fanatical for sure. On a different note, I’m way behind on the hybrids. Just recent did the mammotherium and today fused ceratosaurus and therizno. Ready for Yudon but haven’t done that yet.

Indoraptor is still 4,000 s-dna for the initial one and 2,000 for each extra right? Level one around 3400 health and 1700 attack?

I think I have the resources to make ten indoraptors whenever. But I’ve spent the last little while trying to hatch as many critters as possible versus getting stronger. The Cenozoic changes gave me odd things like this:


Got two Andrews at 40 and thought I had one too many. Please excuse my ignorance, Master Potato. :no_mouth:

Meh, five is about five too many. I hit a point where my dino collection is sufficient enough in strength and quantity. So instead of going for more powerful dinos, I’ve been trying to hatch out all my super rares and down, hence all the andrewsarchus. My goal was to get a level 40 everything from regular legendary down and clear out the backlog of critters. I’m down to very few for level 40’s, then it will be off to the tournaments, and leaving some hybrids out due to balance issues.

I guess we all have goals in the game. It is awesome the game allows for that.


Even if you play 10 modded PvP the day , you wouldn’t get so much S-DNA . Have you bought many S-DNA packs ? It is impossible to have so much Indoraptors and Monostegotops by doing battles and geting mission rewards .

I never bought a single SDNA pack. That’s what I got so far by doing PvPs and events. And it could be even more. I had to sell a lvl 30 Indoraptor some time ago.

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Only by PvP and events ? Are you VIP?

Yes I am, a little bit comes from Code 19 too but that’s not a big issue.
Normally if I play 4 mod PvPs a day I get at least one 50 SDNA reward.

Do the VIPs get more S-DNA?

I honestly can’t tell you but you can see my announced rewards for todays events below.

The very idea of selling an indo for dna makes me want to clutch my pearls and faint


I’m admiring your diplo and monostegotops line up with envy


I never buy packs, but I do sometimes get SDNA packs as prizes from the modded wheel. Even then, the mostly velociraptor SDNA isn’t all that more than landing on a 50 SDNA card. I think it’s 16 +16 +17+17 = 66 or something like that, then add some LPs.

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We do get more SDNA based on the additional VIP only events (usually twice a week with each event giving us 20-28 SDNA, 10 and 10 - 14 and 14), when ever there is a VIP tournament (which if you get Dominator is about 100 SDNA, 50 of one and 50 of Velociraptor), and we get the daily SDNA for the DNA tower which until recently was only 2 and 2 SDNA but is now 5 and 5. Over time all of these opportunities does add up to quite a bit of extra SDNA over a non VIP member:

I also took full advantage of the booster trade in period before MODs came out and got a lot of SDNA during those couple of weeks.


I’ve been playing for a year and almost two months. I’ve not tried very hard to collect s-dna or superhybrids. This is what I have as a VIP player.


I still not understand how it is possible to get so much S-DNA. Maybe I do not take as much advantage of S-DNA rewards and events as I could .