Kaprosuchus spawnbehaviour discussion


So I found a Kaprosuchus, well the only two kapros i ever encountered at the exact same spot there and I dont really know why. Neither is it a hospital, medics house or anything nor is it a park/greenfield.
The only thing I found there was a cigarettes atm.
I dont think it is leggit the spawnbehaviour. I mean I have no idea what once has been there, idk maybe in the past few idk 80years. But i dont think anything like that has been there. I ve been to other places with cigarettes atms but so far no further encounters.
Happy hunting

Has Kaprosuchus changed biomes?

You’re probably in the ‘local spawn’ area on the top row here:

Kaprosuchus can spawn anytime, day or night, in that area. Were you also seeing Ankylosaurus Gen 2 and Ophiacodons in the vicinity?


I used to get an abundance of Kaprosuchus spawns around where I live and other zone 1 areas, but since the migration on 6th July I haven’t seen any. Plenty of the usual commons, gen 2 Tickle Chickens, Armargasuarus and the new Dracorex, but no Kaprosuchus. Has anyone else seen these useful little guys in the wild since the migration? If so, where? and was it any particular time of day? I live in the UK and I’m curious if anyone else has noticed any major changes to spawn rates.


Since the migration I have noticed some Amargasaurus in my area now but no Kaprosuchus yet :frowning:


Ever since the migration, I’ve noticed seeing a lot less Kaprosuchus, but they are definitely still around. I found two yesterday around noon.


I’ve never had any Kaprosuchus in the wild in over 2 months. And I’m in a big city. And I play a lot haha. Really interesting this spawn distribution thing. Wonder on what it’s based :man_shrugging:t4: (There must be more to it than just hospitals, gas stations and stuff like that)


Around our Main Station here are tons of Ophiacodon and 2nd Gen Ankylo … every now and then you’ll encounter some Kaprosuchus (had maybe like 10 so far).

I always try to catch them, but Megalosaurus is so damn rare here, that it’s almost impossible to unlock the Legendary Hybrid.


Yeah, I get about the same grouping near my office (which is near a river and a few blocks from the ocean). Lots of Ophia, Lots of Anky Gen 2, the occasional Kapro.

Megalo, though, again, I see closer to home; which is up on a hill away from water.