I’ve had my Kaprosuchus on the cusp of levelling up to 15 ready to start fusing Spinotasuchus for weeks now. As I understand it its a global night spawn but I’ve not seen one the last week and I have been out hunting at night not just looking from the house. Not one. Plenty of its day time cousin Postosuchus during the day. What are others finding?


I see at least two every night :man_shrugging:t4:


Apparently they nest spawn at hospitals as well - guess I need to go and hang around a hospital at night …


Out looking for Velociraptor last night - found 3.

Kaprosuchus? Probably about 7 or 8… I found 3 literally blocks apart.


Its been my experience that (at least around here) theyre the most hit or miss rare. Ill go days without seeing any then find 7 in 1 geographic area. Eyes up friend, theyll turn up


Live in an L1 locale in the suburbs … i usually see atleast 2 in my neighborhood a night


i usually see 2-3 a night


Not every night but when they are popping I usually average 6 or 7 a night.


How do you guys find so little? I find at least 15 every night, they spawn like crazy where I’m at.


I only see about 1 or 2 a week and I actively hunt for them at night. I’ve seen more wild Baryonyx. My only hope is as an event dinosaur. I have no luck.
edit I took a 6 hour train ride a few weeks ago and saw plenty on my trip. Just not where I live.


I have another thred about suspecting too much success during the day impacts on the night. With the current events I have been very active during the day, maxing out my coin limit and darting a lot of dinos but the nights have been dire, culminating in one with literally no rare/epic spawns. So I limited access during the day and then went out hunting - 7 Kapros, 2 Nodos, an epic and a host of other rares - plus quite a few Velos. One experient does not confirm a theory but if you want night spawns go easy during the day!