Karnam and K

Can Karnam and K just get it on already? I’m tired of my MC being the third wheel in their relationship, not to mention it’s pretty disrespectful for the potential sexuality of the MC who may be a straight female or gay man who are into Karnam because they’re attracted ONLY to men.

Also, I didn’t sign up for a poly relationship, if I had known this from the start I wouldn’t have bothered matching with Karnam. If this is the direction of the story you want to take, then a warning should be put in place, just like if the story contains themes of violence, blood and gore. It’s not hard.

I am also sick and tired of threesoms and love triangles being chucked into the stories, not every story needs a love triangle or poly or drama. It’s overused and boring, so please stop it.

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Yeah totally get it soon as it gave option to be with both it just made me not be interested im trying stick through but im point where ill just be unfollowing them and be like forget it. I dont like poly either thats my preference everyone else can like or not but i just dont feel its for me you know?

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