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Thanks to the Woolly Rhino week, I got just enough to get Keratoporcus to team level 20. I had been using it at level 18 & 19. This thing is definitely a cross between a rat and a pig, hence the name. I pronounce it Key-Rat-Oh-Pork-Us. It’s an OK Legendary.


This is my team at the moment. I will be leveling Titanoboa to 20 when I collect on this months rewards so I’m looking forward to this tomorrow or Tuesday when ever they hand them out.

My Team 20200503

Some of the few I battle have got to find it refreshing to battle a team that does not have an Indo Rex, Procerat, Indo Gen 2 or a Paramoloch on it.

I’m up to 106 level 20-21 creatures.


I have been using it for strike events. It has the potential to kill Mexichicken very easily just need more speed and attack.

I wonder how it will do now thanks to the Definite Rampage nerf?

I noticed it has Rat in the name, at least it’s a good rat and not a bad rat :wink:

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Was not aware that the move got a nerf.

Yes a very nightmarish and good rat. Lol

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It can kill the bad rat.

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Two turn cooldown now.

Rats (10 ambiguous characters)

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Thor should have Rat in the name - ThorRatdolosaur. Then it would make sense :joy:
I always get swept my them dang things because of boost 2.0 reset and struggles in arena.
Even the last skill tourney prize I still can’t keep up unless I get my maxima or phoru…

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I do not have an issue with Thors in Aviary because my Thor tops at 135 speed so it definitely outspeeds the other Thors. Tournament wise I am good when it is skill and not advantage. I usually have issues with Mexichickens and Indo Gen 2s that are between 140 and 145 speed.


U love snake right ?


Toys-are-Us this post reminds me the hidden message xd

At the moment I love playing the snakes. There was a time I loved playing the cats and then the flightless birds and then the rhino class which I’m still using.

How well does titanoboa gen 2 perform on level 20? I have mine level 15 and it usually just gets shredded before doing anything.