Keep boosts and add more arenas

I keep reading how people are still upset with boosts and I understand their concerns. It’s frustrating to get swept 3-0 in a battle when you face a highly boosted, high level monster. But I’ve been on the giving side and that feels good too, so I’m not going to complain. Rather, my suggestion is to expand on the concept of the tournaments and create dedicated battle arenas that remove boosts and support a whole host of options for everyone’s preferred style of battle. I’m not sure how trophies would be handled, but my suggestion would be to have dedicated trophies for each arena. I think this is something that can be built upon, so what do you think?


Its been mentioned here multiple times, even in forms that were more detailed.

I agree with it… they should. Boosted arena has slightly better incubators. To keep interest there etc.

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I like being able to pick and choose tourneys.
I passed on the first custom tourney. 100 cash for guaranteed 2600 coins wasn’t going to happen.
(I couldn’t pass up the 10 cash entry fee on the last one and that payed off)
But when there is no tourney going on?
I’d rather just battle the AI option.
The non-tournament leaderboard is pointless to me.
But opting in to custom tourneys would be healthy for the game I would think.
It would be cool to “Create” tourneys that people can enter through the game UI.
Some alliances already make their own tourneys outside of the UI, wouldn’t it be nice to simply have the option in the game?

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Is this a game?

Is this fun?

Week after week after week after week…???

How can you sell this to new players?

You mean 1 arena for players who want to pay, 1 arena for those who dosen’t want to pay?

Will never happend.

Yes, Yes, Yes, and try it, like it, keep it or quit. It’s a game, it evolves, and you either adapt or quit. I’m having fun winning and losing.


It’s a stats of :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: unbalance.

150+ dinos and everyone use 2.

Is that okay?

Everyone uses 8, 3 of which are in my dream team and I’m happy when I get them all and challenged when I don’t. RNG is my friend and foe. I believe the game can be changed to meet most player’s needs. If you disagree, you should really quit the game, as you have already given up.

Problem is 99% of all players using same 8 dinos.

Your team is just a copy of what 99% of the other players have.

That makes it boring.

That’s why boosts are a huge fail.

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Yeah I’d be okay with some battle AI option in replace of the tournament option when its not active. Or separate arena, I think the latter may be too much to really setup.

Honestly, I don’t mind the boosts THAT much, except for new players being stuck in limbo.

For me right now the biggest issue I have is matchmaking. It says your teams are based on strength. But that’s not what I see. 8/10 times the person I get matched with is much stronger, and I mean much stronger than me. I’d rather it go back to by trophies or something. Because now this is what I get everyday lol.