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Keep Calm and Read On

To help ease the tensions with the stat boosts and the current PVP state, i made new hybrid suggestions for 1.8. If you have any other ideas/art just comment them down below

New Hybrid Suggestions:

  • Diplognathus (Diplocaulus G2 + Scaphognathus)
    Tier: Epic
    HP: 3700
    Dmg: 1100
    Speed: 127
    Nullifying Strike
    Distracting Impact
    Instant Distraction
    Regen and Swoop (New Move: Cleanses negative effects, Regens 50% Health, and opponent 1/4 DoT for 3 turns)
    SIA: Swap-In Cripple (New SIA: 50% Distraction and Opponent 1/4 DoT for 2 turns, Bound for 2 turns)

  • Irriplonator (Diplotator + Concavenator)
    Tier: Legendary
    HP: 3900
    Dmg: 1200
    Speed: 120
    Ferocious Impact
    Nullifying Strike
    Defense Shattering Impact
    Distracting Impact
    Ability: Defense Shattering Counter-Attack
    SIA: Swap-In Distraction

  • Cavenqator (Alanqa + Concavenator)
    Tier: Legendary
    HP: 4100
    Dmg: 1010
    Speed: 115
    Superiority Strike
    Defense Shattering Rampage
    Instant Invincibility
    Short Defense
    Ability: Defense Shattering Counter Attack
    SIA: Swap-In Invincibility

  • Majundadon (Majundasuchus + Anklyocodon)
    Tier: Epic
    HP: 3700
    Dmg: 1000
    Speed: 110
    Armour: 30%
    Crit Chance: 40%
    Armour Piercing Strike
    Armour Piercing Rampage
    Decelerating Rampage
    Long Protection
    Ability: Immune, Armour Piercing Counter Attack
    SIA: Swap-In Ferocity

  • Brachiosuchus (Brachiosaurus + Postosuchus)
    Tier: Legendary
    HP: 4700
    Dmg: 1200
    Speed: 120
    Armour: 10%
    Superiority Strike
    Ferocious Impact
    Defense Shattering Rampage
    Bellow (Buffed Bellow: Opponent speed debuffed by 50% for 2 turns, Destroys opponent shield, Cleanses negative effects, Shield for 2 turn, Cooldown: 3 turns)


I do like the idea of doing something with the majungdasuchus and anklyocodon. They’re just hanging out in the gotta catch 'em all list right now.


Good suggestions! We need to use those dinos that don’t get enough love

Love the ideas, especially Irriplonator :heart_eyes: but in this game you cant have a hybrid made up of two hybrids. So ankylocodon and majundasuchus cant fuse.

4200 HP
1100 Damage
124 Speed
30% armor
5% crit
Superiority strike
Draining rampage(Deals 2x armor piercing damage(not defense shattering), half the damage restored to the user’s HP. Cooldown:1)
Long invincibility
Regenerate and run
Sia: Swap in wound
Superiority strike
Draining rampage
Sia: swap in invincibility

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