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Keep earned darts and scents

Can you change darts and scents so that we get credit, keep running on our total, for them instead of putting a limit on them? If we earned them from supply drops and incubators we should be able to add them to our total. I know that you want us to buy more and that’s why there is the cap…140 darts and 2 scents but if we earn they should count.

If you have 140 darts, spend 1 cash to open an incubator that is almost ready to open. The darts in that incubator will add on top of your 140. I’ve had 155 darts at my disposal doing this. Not sure how high it will go tho.

I’d like for them to give you darts when you pop a scent. 200 darts for a 20 minute scent and 50 darts for a 5 minutes scent.


I had more than 300 darts once just from opening incubators. Our alliance was going for 5/5 and I was popping them as I won them.

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