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Keep getting 10 DNA


I get so frustrated when I get a ten.this is my 7th time getting a 10 when I’m creating hybrids.I will get enough DNA 2 spins on Allosinosaurus I take my spin get a ten thinking I’m going to get something better then I get a ten.I get pissed off and then I try more hybrids and the same thing.This is just super annoying to me and I don’t know if I’m just the most unlucky person in the world or what be it’s just so irritating.

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i literally just got 40 then 100 DNA for two fuses on Utasino lol


Ya sounds like rly rly bad luck but I feel ur pain bc more often than not you’ll get a low amount


Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I got 19 10’s whilst fusing for my cloaking chicken. :sweat_smile::sob:


Imagine how I feel.

16 -10s
1- 20
Such crap. You shouldnt get that many 10s on a unique. I’ve wasted so much Tarbo dna


Same here… So far gotten a 20 once on indoraptor and that is it. Only thing higher than 10 ive ever gotten for a unique…