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Keep getting the same dinosaur

I want to start off with I love the game it’s just these things that bothers me.Why do I keep getting this :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:red dinosaur even when I pay for the scent balls. I keep getting those over and over and over again. I barely get anything new. I use the blue scent balls. I have use every sent ball all 3. I have purchased it with real money and its getting annoying that I keep getting this red dinosaur. also sometimes when I’m walking it tells me going too fast and the map gos blank why is that. the Red dinosaur wouldn’t bother me so much if it was like one week or 2 but this has been over 4 months I keep getting a least 2 red ones on the Regular sent ball and you only get to catch 3 dinosaurs. I hope I’m not bothering you or ruining your day.have a blessed day and thank you for even

Reading my message.:astonished::kissing_heart:

That’s a zone 2 anytime spawn (einia). Try using scent caps in different areas to get different dinos.


What Justin said is true, but also check out the (or whatever URL they got) article about spawn mechanics.

Also, know that moving while using ball scents brings double dinosaurs. Really get moving while using ball scents and I promise you they will show up post haste…

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That link is being odd for me for some reason. Spawn mechanics you’re in local area 2.


Yea it’s not a .com website. It’s .info lol

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I’ve been playing since global launch and in local 4 suchomimus has been there the whole time if I remember rightly. With scent I can get 18 suchomimus out of it :roll_eyes:. I’ve given up not darting it so I have leveled suchotator to 30 and am still collecting the DNA. I hope one day I could see something else if not I’ll end up with a level 30 suchomimus as well :neutral_face:


I’m also L4, yesterday I checked my DNA and I’ve got over 3100 Suchatator fuses worth of Suchamimus.
1900 if I take Irritator gen2 into account.

And my Suchatator is level 23 or 24. But I stopped leveling it since it’s off my team now and only used for epic towers.

160,000 Suchamimus And bout 100,000 irritator lol