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Keep losing battles I was winning


usually after my opponents only 2nd kill, tells me opponent won when I still had another left, then will automatically go back to battle which I have lost by then, but was about to win


I don’t understand what you’re saying. What does “then will automatically go back to battle” mean?


I think what they’re saying is something that happens to me. For instance (this has actually happened to me on several occasions), my opponent has beaten two of my dinos, and I have beaten one of theirs - the game will glitch out and flip to the Opponent wins screen. Then once back at the battle home screen I will tap the battle button only to be taken BACK to the battle it just glitched out of, by which time the opponent will be totally crushing whatever dino of mine was left out to dry by the glitch.

I think that’s the deal.


during battle play, before 3 dinos are killed it says opponent won and ends game, then when I go back in it goes to that match again and says opponent won so gameplay continued even though it looked like game was over on my end, but it wasn’t, I was only killed twice not 3 times, this has happened multiple times


Yes, this is happening routinely. Today, I finally took out a Stegodeus and was in the better position - because of this glitch, i had lost by time I got back to the battle and lost 40 trophies in the process.


Hey Lesley_Williams, I’m sorry to hear that happened, and our support team would like to investigate this further. Contact them here at with your support key and more detail to assist them. If this is happening a lot, the troubleshooting steps here could be helpful: Lost a battle I was winning