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Keep Mortem raid, rotate the others

“In the future we hope to add a wider variety of Bosses” is what is written on the Release Notes. I hope this happens soon. I’m guessing you’re planning on changing them by season, maybe? I’d suggest doing it every week, or maybe every 2 weeks like the Alliance rewards.

It’s still fun this week even with the same creatures, but I can see this getting really old really fast without more variety.


Imagine if they change it every new update. The amount of boredom would be insane


What I’m afraid of is that they don’t have a date to change it and this keeps going for a long time.

Thus what you’ve quoted per their message.

I agree with what you’ve said 100%. Keep the apex, rotate the bosses every 2 weeks.

I’m quite sure that this is the EVENTUAL plan. It may be a slow start, but they’ll get there.

Ooh, imagine a Trykosaurus raid. Or maybe a Sarcorixis raid. Oof, Meiolania ;_;

They can also rotate minions for Mortem. Imagine two hyperboosted uniques as minions, like one as Dior and the other one as Max.

Ahm… No thank you, it’s hard enough as it is


Can’t they just give 2 bosses a day? What would be wrong in two (instead of one) bosses walking through the map?

I would actually prefer less… like one boss every two days (staying on the map these two days). Many people don’t have the time to fight them four days in a row, especially considering how long it takes to make a successful raid… and the fact you might have to try more than once.


You don’t have to fight with every boss. If you don’t have time, fight only with ones that reward you with the DNA you need.

But let the others have diversity

Maybe for Epics and Legends, as for Uniques nah.

We do technically get 2 everyday, as because some people like me on the other side of the world get earlier access to bosses, so technically you can do 2 in 1 day, I know what you mean and I can see it being cooler with 2 bosses on the map.

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Rotation isn’t that good if they’d be using old dinos most of us already have.

They should have started with 4 new raid only dinos. Then at least there’d be a goal to get them. Now there’s only morte rex and he’s too hard for like 95% of players.
It would be nice to get new raid only dinos with each update, but that might be a bit too much for ludia.

The problem is not having time for one that you want.

But that’s just a thought… I’m fine the way it is now, cause fortunately I have time (especially with the quarantine). But I remember a time of my life when I wouldn’t be able to do all if we had these then. And I bet there are many out there missing raids because of that. Some member of my alliance did.

Rotating Mortem’s minions is a good solution.

Doesn’t matter to me if they have more or less rotation… I just can’t access the blasted things.

I accepted 20 invites yesterday, and none of them worked.

Ludia needs to fix this before they go trying to change anything.


Could be updated every 1 or two weeks

Which makes us need even more time to do them. It’s usually a good 5 to 10 minutes just to start the raid… It’s pretty hard if you don’t coordinate things through here or a social media.

Whenever it fails, the person needs to invite again. If the “Lobby is full” message appears, he/she needs to recreate the lobby, always invite one at a time, only invite another after one gets in. If the Feilure message appears to just one, a “Lobby is Full” message will probably happen again, so recreate again… pretty annoying.