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Keep on feeding me Galimimus DNA


I dont understand how I can have 65k Gali DNA on top of a level 26 monmimus.

I have 26 total Irritator DNA and havent been able to level Magna for 3 months now and yet I keep being spoon fed Gali.

For 2 dinos that are supossed to be incubator exclusive, it is unbalanced as hell.

Please pull your collective heads out of your butts. Thank you.


We definately need an irritator event. Or do what they did with Thor and give us a magna event. I still haven’t unlocked my magna 150/250 :sob:
I also have more Galli than I know what to do with.


I’ve just created my Magna like an hour ago, but it was a close call, exactly 250 DNA… I put it on my team to try it, even though it’s not team level, we’ll see… but I desperately need an Irritator event, we haven’t had one for so long…


One of those is a common (Galli) and one is a rare (Irritator), so… there is that… :slight_smile: Not that it fully explains anything but, it would make sense why you’d get less of one.

Not to mention, galli has been in a LOT of events, and irritator… not so much.


Tbh gali is the ingredient for a useless hybrid monomimus, then from that a useless unique that bird thing…