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Keep receiving incorrect achievement badge

This happened while I am solving player badge achievements recently…

When I cleared “ELEVENTH RANK”, several new achievements I’ve already confirmed their request showed up. Two of them are “EPIC EVOLUTION” and “BLUE INTENSITY”.
I received these 2 rewards, but actually they give me the same badge (Titanoboa) twice.

Soon later, I found a T-rex and cleared “MUST SHOOT FASTER”, and it gave me the badge of blue, not T-rex. To simplified the bug happened on me, here’s the diagram.

Due to the above bugs happened, I think the real problem is my whole badge reward order broken. Not sure if I correctly delivered the bug or not, because my native language isn’t English.:sweat:

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Hey there, Tarbosaurus. Could you email our support team at with your support key so our team can take a closer look at your account?

Thank you!

This is a problem for everyone. Badge rewards are wrong on a few achievements.

Legendary Drone Hunter and Perfect Host are giving out the same badge. Must Shoot Faster is giving out the Blue Intensity badge. There’s no way to get the proper Rex badge you can see listed on that achievement.

Blue Intensity was giving the Epic Evolution badge. They fixed that one, but now people who completed it before the fix can’t get the Blue badge from it because it’s already listed as completed.