Keep this in mind for the next update

Dear ludia,
I’m not to sure when the next update is but here is a list of all dinos/hybrids that do not currently have hybrids/super hybrids


At the very least. Some of the longest standing ones get super hybrids please.

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Even though they are regular hybrids, mammotherium and entelomoth don’t need hybrids, they are already very strong, in fact, they can kick unique but.


Entelomoth and Mammotherium can wait while others get their deserved hybrids. But knowing Ludia, they’ll release super strong Uniques made from them


They will be nerfed to make their superhybrids relevant. Just like ProceRat and DracoRat.

Right now with boosts it doesnt matter what Ludia does, the new hybrids are for completion and not for use since not everyone is gonna give Ludia tens of thousands of USD to keep up in their poorly thought-through arena.

If Ludia really wants to shake up the meta, it just needs to remove boosts, refund as 2x HC and sell special incs/ scents. Then rebalance the whole dino roster. They will lose millions and prob be sued by a class action lawsuit but boosts are gone.

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See that one at the top left, Ludia? That’s the one you keep giving us loads of DNA for. Please give it a hybrid, it’s long overdue.

How about let’s not give Phorusaura, entelomth, proRAT and mammoth hybrids until they aren’t in tyrant any ok :sweat_smile::joy:

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Why not have just hybrids for the oldest ones, and the lowest rarities, like Alankylosaurus, Majundasuchus, Dracoceratops, and Dimodactylus.

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I don’t want any Legendary Cenozoic hybrids to get their own supers, especially Phorusaura, as it look bad, and is worse in battle. It just a big ostrich with scales and feathers.

Please give Majungasaurus, Alankylo and Ankylocodon hybrids! They’ve been waiting for ages!


Oh yes, I forgot Ankylocodon. It should have Sarcosuchus superhybrid called Sarcylocodon. It should be an armoured crocodilian, with a tail like Ankylocodon. It’s name will mean Fused Flesh Tooth.

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