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Keep window active when texting and default auto battle


I’ve gotten screwed over doing a battle and switch to text or look up something or anything, then when I switch back, the game either restarts or gets stuck with a reconnecting pop-up that never actually connects. I even forced the game into split screen and you can see it happen, as soon as I switch to another app it freezes, and when you focus back on the window it seems to be random if it picks up without issue, reconnects and actually connects, reconnects but never connects, or just restarts the game. Just let the game run in the background and none of this would happen. It’s a mobile game, people text us. I have kids, they touch things (including your 10+1 basic draft without a confirmation window…).

It will even do this starting the game, we all know this game as a long load time, my 30 second screen timeout hits twice while starting the game, but if your screen actually does time out, the game freezes and stops loading until you focus back on the window. Again just let it run in the background. I can start the game, do something, switch back and it’s ready to go.

The issue is, if this happens during the battle, you lose energy as it counts it just like fleeing, even if it freezes up after the battle is done switching to the reward screen. I’ve probably lost a couple hundred energy this way. Now we have alphas and I’ve been burned twice now where my battle didn’t count.

I’ve tried to find a workaround to force a window to be active, but I haven’t been able to yet.

While I’m suggesting things, can we have an option to default auto battle, the difficulty scaling doesn’t allow linear progression, most battles are quests and and repeatable quests that we are far over leveled for. I think 99% of my battles are auto battle.

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Looks like serious RAM bottleneck. For basic applications, like Discord, Phone, WhatsApp or maybe a single Chrome tab - I can swap and then simply reconnect, but if I try to use modded Firefox or anything above 500mb - my 4GB phone also dumps the game memory and forces a restart.
Maybe for people with 6-8GB ram it’s easier, it would still require a reconnect(which is a basic anti-cheat measure), but it wouldn’t dump the game memory.


That very well could be the case with the resets. Which again would be fixed by allowing the game to run in the background. The system wouldn’t kill the game memory then.