Keeping the game active for the lower levels during the weekend

I think for lower levels like me who don’t have the dinos to fight the apex raids yet, I think it would be amazing to bring epic and legendary raids to the weekend to keep the lower levels playing. During the weekend there isn’t much for us to do. And I’m sure I’m not the only one


There is a lot to do. Go dart some dinos, play PVP and tournament.
There is no need to clutter the weekends even more.


I think we can add some quick rare raids. Carno being permanent would be a game changer. On Sundays maybe Andrewsarchus?


I honestly hope that there is a feature that would allow an ai team to join you for a raid when there aren’t many people around to help you


I was thinking of Argentavis

Argentavis is event exclusive

That’s the point

Absolutely agree, totally support this

Also in my opinion unique creatures are the endgame material and for lot of them epic and rare creatures are needed

Increase epic raids and bring more so that epic DNA is more accessible beyond sanctuary and once a week alliance request

More raids are fine, but I agree the most with the person that said there are plenty of things to do on the weekends without raids. As a new player, probably the most important thing to do is collect dna to fuse new dinos and level up current ones. That way, you can increase your player level, beat harder raids and work your way up the arena latter to eventually get on a better team, which I’d recommend when you can.