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Keeping the game fresh without major re-design


I have seen lots of post about the game becoming stale … and people feeling there is nowhere to go due to existing level cap, and dna/dino levelling structure… but I think there are many ways to keep the game feeling fresh

There could be creative solutions to the problem to keep the existing level structure and process for creating dinos but creating more variety and play.

One example may be a ‘fatigue’ type system. In arena you can only use dinos a certain amount of games per day/week before they are fatigued. This means you can’t use your very best team over and over again. facing people using exactly the same dino mix over and over again. Instead you are forced to either use you very top team only a few times and probably win… or create interesting mixes with dinos spreading your uniques/legendaries over multiple saved ‘squads’ to fight longer will better overall changes of trophies.

This would require an overhaul to trophies too as people on existing structure would ‘protect’ trophies by playing less with top teams only… so incentivise playing more and with different dinos. create a muliplier system where more rewards are given if you play more, or link to daily missions etc. Or perhaps a dino ‘tier/power’ rating system based on rarity where trophy multipliers are given based on relative team levels/rarity, more trophies for a lvl 20 epic team win vs a 25 unique than the other way around.

Create some PVE encounters. Boss fights that require Alliance participation to take them down. Three or four players taking turns, in one real time match, with different dinos, to beat one Boss. That would be ace!

I would personally love to use some other dinos I have spent effort unlocking but now just don’t quite cut the ‘A’ team… what do you guys think? Would this work? Any other creative ideas to keep the existing structure fresh?

So… the game isn’t dead… it isn’t dying… the only thing that would make that happen is a lack of ideas or ambition to implement them.

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THIS! This is something similar to what i proposed in a previous post. Mine was a new battle system option aside from friendly battles and normal arena, with different level caps for dinos in every arena, in a way to allow players tonplay and fight with more than the same 8 “A team” dinos.
But the main aim was the same: to play with more dinso than what we do now! Aside from friendly battles (because not everybody has the possibility to do them constantly) and without touching the trophy count (i, personally, don’t like the idea of losing on purpose to drop arena)


yep, using the idea I describe matchmaking would be on dino lvl/tier. That means you are being ranked on how well you play… now don’t get me wrong… this has drawbacks… Ludia want the pay to win players to be at the top… So… maybe they can pay to reset fatigue levels or something…

The point is, there is a better way!!


What about a 10 or 12 Dino team instead?
I’m not leveling stuff outside of my 8 fighters. It would be fun to play with more variety.
A lot of people have thier strategy they use each time depending of the team they get.


They have this in JW the Game. You can only use your dinos once and then have to wait a certain length of time to use them or pay to instantly refresh them. The difference is that you have a much larger selection of viable creatures in JWtG.

Speaking as someone who focuses on collecting the dinos rather than fighting with them, anything that would allow me to use a greater variety of dinos would be a plus. There are so many dinos that aren’t A team material and yet they totally look the part. The Carnotaurus being the obvious example.