Keeping track of your opponent's cool down is satisfying


It’s so satisfying when you keep track of your opponent’s cool down for their ability and then when you guess they’re going to use it again, you pop the instant invincibility on them to counter it.

To make it sweeter, their attack was a critical hit so it just displayed a big yellow number 0 on the screen. Hahaha.

Anyone else time their moves in this way?


Yeah, it’s even better when you guess they’re not going to use it and hold off :sweat_smile:


It’s even better when you’re facing a dino with instant invincibility and you know that they know when your cooldown ends, so instead of using your big move, you wait a turn, let them waste the invincibility, then nail them with the big move.


Sadly, that happened to me. I wasted instant invincibility before and my opponent was waiting. Feels bad man. lol


I’ve caught several people that way. I’ve also had it happen to me a few times.


Keeping track of their cooldowns is a must


Always make good use of the few 15 seconds we have… I am not able to count in mind all the cooldown that there are more than one :sweat_smile: I need to count the opponent’s cooldown but also mine… my best is 2 in a row with my suchotator’s instant cripple vs a leveled up v-raptor that wasted two pounces in a row before getting killed with my lethal wound :star_struck:

Need mooooooooore practice with instant invincibility and all the moves with cooldown > 1 turn


Yes I have anticipated their moves many times and blocked their special attacks with the invincibility shield. Also what @Heather said about guessing that they won’t use it and maybe wait a turn. That’s a case of someone knowing the tactic that you will likely use so instead of wasting their strong attack they hold off a turn, but then with you predicting that they know that you know what they are going to do they end up guessing it wrong! Haha always satisfying.

Doesn’t work on everyone, but it still works plenty of times to get enjoyment out of it! :joy:


Waiting a turn is the best move, most people, in my experience, is that they throw off abilities as they get off CD.


Anticipating moves is fun until they start the Switchathon. Heck, I’m falling back down to collect coins and dna to better prepare for Sorna Marshes, so here I am with a team Lvs1-2. I’ve had people, for no reason at all, go into Switchathons, revealing their raptor or Tyrannosaur teams. What do you expect my Lv1 Diplo to do, instakill?