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Keeps crashing everytime I go to get a Dino

Why dose my game keep crashing when I go to load up a Dino to dart any help I’m on a iPhone 6

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I’m sorry to hear that your game is constantly crashing, @Char_Cool. Could you please make sure that your game is updated to version, 1.7.33? If you have auto updates turned off, you will need to go into your app store to update the game manually.

Let me know if you’re still having issues after updating.

The game is fully updated and I’ve only just recently downloaded it for the 1st today it’s still crashing everytime I go to load a Dino to dart

It still crashes everytime and I’ve only installed it 1st time today

I’ll let our team know, @Char_Cool. Could you also try some of the troubleshooting steps from our FAQ here and see if it fixes the problem:

Same here. Game crashes when I try to dart anything. I’m using iPhone 6. 3 weeks have passed without any solution, they do not care at all.

Game is unplayable almost all the time. Crashes on everything I do but mostly when trying to dart. Crashes while drone props are spinning then stops. Also crashes during chat, but most infuriating is during battles. :frowning: please fix or provide us with work around. Also using iphone 6.

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