Keeps making me unblur a picture I have already paid to unblur

The game keeps re-blurring a picture I have already unblurred. It’s taken about 1,200 of my diamonds, it wasn’t until the last time that I was sure that it did that. But the picture is the one w/ Hugo where he is doing pottery shirtless. It never did this while I was talking to him on a regular basis. It only just recently started doing this too, after a couple of weeks of him being offline, since I’m assuming I’ve completed the story in his story arc that’s on the app.

Hey Lyssa_Zeh, I’m sorry that is happening! If you haven’t already, could I ask you to email our team at with your support key? Our support team would be more than happy to assist you with this.

This happened for me too, and I’ve seen another post here about the same problem.
I have written to the support and they have answered me. I haven’t gotten a solution yet, but hopefully they fix it in the future AND pay me pack some of those gems I’ve spent on that picture

have been waiting hoping it would just show up but payed for two 300💎 pics and they have not shown up😔

Hey TheKity, I’m sorry to hear that. If you haven’t already, please reach out to our support team so they can try and make things right for you.

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