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Kelenken Unlock Event - battle help needed!


This is my 3rd battle opposition and team, Ive lost the battle once this morning - can anyone help me please?

oh, hang on, how do I upload a screen shot - edit, got it



My Tylosaurus is at 21, I could level it up but I didn’t want to increase battle difficulty further, unless a level 21 creature would have the same difficulty as a level 30 creature as its in the same band?


The damage has probably been done. Go ahead and level up the Tylo. My lineup would be Henodus, Tylo, Dakoderma.
Block 1
Block 2
Block 3
Reserve 4 (unless the Tusoteuthis doesn’t give a full attack, then reserve earlier)
Attack 2, Reserve 3, Block 3
If the AI switches to Psephoderma and doesn’t attack, sacrifice Tylo. Dakoderma can kill Heliocprion in 4 hits
If it switches and attacks, switch to Dakoderma and attack

Hope this helps


Thanks Andy - I just unlocked on my 3rd attempt, I wish Id seen this first as Id loved to have tried it - I never block and always reserve so it would be good to practise some tactical blocking.

I actually think they let me win, cos I shouldn’t have won it.

Im going to level up Tylo - I didnt think the evolve would take it past the Dakoderma so I was swearing like a trooper when it did

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Feeding the Tylo will create a larger gap in your ferocity scale, not a significant amount but it will have an effect increasing its individual ferocity to 6,770 at level 30. Where it sits in the screen shot it’s at 5,472. Where your dakoderma has a ferocity of 4,694 and your leptostega has 4,548. Current average is 4,905 for your top three, tylo at level 30 will bring your top three average to 5,337. The line up you are facing is extra nasty as it is already 67.8% better than your team with an AFS of 8,230.

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I need another two of each category with better health around the same ferocity - I recently changed the top creature twice both by mistake - before, when I had 2 x Tylo at 20 each my line up was so much more balanced but I messed it up trying to add a cave in by evolving Dakoderma.


My turn. I have lost this battle four times. It always comes down to each of us having one final creature and I have to guess whether the computer has used all its blocks or not. Sometimes it uses four or five blocks; sometimes it saves them all for reserve. So far, I have guessed wrong every time.

Help from my forum combat masters?

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I’ve encountered recently this smarter or simply revamped AI myself. However, on a few occasions, I ended up turning the tables on the AI by learning to use my defense instead of a blind reserve my max approach. I’m no battle master, but your top 3 positioned by advantage seems like the best lineup. Save 1st move, then the rest depends on how the AI reacts. Easiest is when the AI switches and immediately hits, which won’t kill your lead fish. If it doesn’t attack, I might go 2 defense save 1 and see what happens, whether AI did 1 defense or saved to now have 3 moves. Even then, AI might hold, attack with 2 or 3. A 3 would likely KO you, but I’ve not seen that happen much on a swapped in dino. It’s very much a chess match. The old method of simply saving max moves no longer gets as much success. From my limited experience.


I’m not a combat master, but if you’re having issues guessing the opponents block, all you got to do is exit out before “opponent turn” appears onscreen. Like say you’re hoping he’s got 2 blocks, turns out he blocked for 5, so you exit the app before it’s their turn, and now you know he’s got 5 block.
I know it’s cheating, i don’t like cheating either but the game’s also cheating with that Mauisaurus, so its fair


My 2 cents

Henodus, Hainosaurus, Bananogmius

Reserve 1
Presumably the AI switches to Orthacanthus at some point
Block 2 Reserve 1
Reserve 4
Presumably the AI kills Henodus - hopefully it uses all of its action points. If you get lucky and Henodus survives, the battle’s all but won
You need 2 hits from Hainosaurus to kill Orthacanthus
Ideally, you can block 3 and reserve 3
If the AI switches to Archelon and attacks, switch to Bananogmius and attack (need three hits)
If the AI does not switch, but attacks, attack with Hain (need 3 hits)
If the AI does not switch and does not attack, block and reserve
If the AI switches but does not attack, block and reserve

Bananogmius can kill Mauisaurus in 4 hits

Hope it helps


Give me a dumb AI any day. Smart AI’s are just waiting to rise up and kill us all


Thanks, all. I’ll try some of those when my creatures cool-down.

@DinoStan, I agree. My general rule is to figure out how many blocks I need to survive whatever the AI can throw at me next turn. Unfortunately, that sometimes leaves me with insufficient reserve, and when my opponents have 3.5K health, I need every reserve point I can get. I just seem out-healthed and out-gunned in this fight so far. There’s no room for guesswork or even the smallest miscount.

@Kiarash_Bahar: thank you. I had forgotten that trick. I’ll keep it in mind. Not sure how badly I want the Kelenken. It might be worth trying if I still haven’t beaten it this time tomorrow.

@Andy_wan_kenobi: thank you. Sounds as good a plan as anything I have.

I’m still open to any other ideas folks might have.


THIS! Was very helpful for me as well…probably did 1/2 dozen battles on my own with different strategies of attack and different dinos, but this worked…with some intentional lineup & careful counting…but it gave me the edge I needed. Thx bud for taking the time to post. I was really beginning to feel unable.

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Glad I could help. My secret is building up reserve and treating my creatures as disposable once they’ve done their job.


I started with your idea, but then, like my namesake hero, well, I had to improvise.

It took three hits for the Hainosaurus to kill Orthacanthus, and it takes Bananogmius 5 hits to kill Mauisaurus. Orthacanthus killed my Henodus; my Hainosaurus then made short work of the Orthacanthus, but then the Mauisaurus used all 4 hits to kill the Hainosaurus. Ouch! I was left with a Bananogmius to take out the last two dinos; 7 hits. I used 5 to kill the Maisaurus and then all 3 to block the Archelon. At this point, usually the Archelon would hold its points, but I’d have to guess if they went to block or reserve. Fortunately, it used all 4 to attack, so I survived the attack (it landed one attack of about 460 points, and my Bananogmius had 780 health), which meant I had the three hits on the next turn I needed to take it out.

I won that Kelenken with more luck than skill, but I guess I still won her fair and square. All in all, to quote my favorite Jedi, it was…


Thanks. Now I owe you one.


Glad it worked

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That’s sad


@Kiarash_Bahar - could you explain the “cheat” you mentioned in more detail? I’m not familiar with this and sounds like it could be useful to get out of a seemingly unwinnable PvE.


Let’s say it’s down to your last dinos, you’re hoping that the AI attacks and leaves itself open to your attack, but it does nothing. You have to guess whether it blocked, or saved.
Let’s say that you guess that the went for saves and not blocks and attack, but you guess it wrong. In that case, the moment the blocks appear onscreen, you exit the app (before “opponent turn” appears). When you load the app again, i’ll ask you if you want the continue the battle, you tap “continue” and when the battle loads, i’ll be your turn again (provided that you closed it before “opponent turn”). Now you know that the AI has blocked, therefore you won’t attack.
Hope that helps. Other players may be able ti explain it better. “The Gaming Beaver” also uses similar tactics when playing. You can check his videos on YouTube