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Found it in L3 but maybe it’s global


It’s a global day/dusk/dawn spawn. Haven’t seen it yet!

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Global dusk/dawn only - they’ve not exactly made the new creatures easy to find …

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Yeah that. Not day.

Saw one in zone 2

They are global. That includes zone 2 :slight_smile:

I think I found 3 yesterday.

If I release a rare scent capsule in dusk will I get it or does it not spawn via scent capsule

No guarantee but they are scent lured since they are not tied to a certain day. They can even come from a small or large scent too.

I wouldn’t run and buy a scent though. I found two wild just playing at the right time. Might be easier to ask your alliance to put it in a sanctuary and you could unlock it that way too.

I did get one here near home and got one out of a scent during dawn.

Since the scents aren’t working in parks… sigh… I just happened to burn my 2 5 minute ones here in the morning before work.

Ok because for the last night or 2 I’ve put out 2 rare scents 2 large and 4 small scent capsules at dusk and nothing

It’s not guaranteed. You’re more likely not to draw this dino from a scent. You’re more likely to draw local dinos over globals. Your best bet is to hunt!

I’ve found 9 so far mostly right before dusk hit.