Kelliance is Recruiting a Tournament Slayer!

Hello JWA faithful! I come bearing great news! As of TODAY, KELLIANCE is recruiting for placement by Friday! The last time we were open for recruitment was in September, these opportunities don’t come around often. If you’re tournament centric and can help contribute time from your weekends, we want you!

About us:
Very active, very friendly, and very global
Long standing 10/10 alliance, Reached Tier 10 in all 5 week ACs
Habitual Top 10 finishers in Alliance Championships. Gunning for the top!
Multiple shared, max level sanctuaries
Raids raids raids!
Communication in Discord
No real “rules”, just solid structure

About you:
Live and love to battle, especially in tournaments
Willing and able to add an average of 225 cups to your starting score each tournament
Desire to grow and thrive with the team
Willing to put in high levels of contributions to achieve elite levels of team success

Send me a message if you feel you fit this profile. Look forward to hearing from you!

Can i join in your alliance?

Hi there, thank you for your reply. Unfortunately with us, it isn’t so easy as just asking to join. As emphasized in my post, we are really searching for someone who currently excels in tournaments. If you fit that profile, please DM me supporting information :slight_smile:

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