Kelliance is Recruiting - Let's Make 5/5! (now filled)

As of July 16th, Kelliance is in the market for 2 active players, both for immediate placement. One will be permanent, one will be temporary (with a possibility of permanent depending how things play out). We are on a hard push for 5/5 and need your help!

About us: We are very active, very generous, very friendly, and very global. We always complete 5/4 for Alliance Missions and once even accomplished 5/5. Now that rewards have changed and will continue to rotate, we are ready to step up to constant 5/5. We have presence on both Facebook (group + chat) and Discord for easier communication. I’ve created an online form for members to log their DNA Requests & Donors in order to track that activity. We don’t look at quantities, just occurrences to know people are active and participating in both aspects. We welcome players of all levels and trophy counts, as we do not carry an elitist mentality. Teamwork is important, and we’re all in this together!

About you: Are you a daily player? Do you prefer darting or battling? Or do you just love it all (like me)? Do you like to socialize with your alliance partners? Anything else I might like to know? Drop me a line, and let’s chat if you think Kelliance might be the place for you! Cheers!


Great job, Kelliance and @KelKelAZ for getting that 5/5 once! I’d love to hear you all did it again. Sounds like a fun group! I hope you fill the alliance soon. :blush:


I appreciate the kind words. It’s not easy work, but new rewards will make it extra worth it :slight_smile:

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Is there still an opening? I’m interested in joining. I’m very active in both darting and battles. I’m level 20 and rank 4300 in the arena. I would love to join an active friendly alliance.

I think you’re about just an hour or so too late this round :frowning: But the way this game seems to go, it won’t be long before I’m looking again. I will ask around some other strong alliance leaders to see if they have space, perhaps I can help you that way instead if you’d like. I’m sorry I’m not able to take you on at this time.


No worries :slight_smile: I’ll keep looking. Good luck this week in getting top alliance prizes.