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Kentrosaurus Bracketed Tournament 04/02/2021 - 04/05/2021

Unless Tuojiangosaurus got a promotion and redesign… :stuck_out_tongue:


Cmon its clearly a tuojiangosaurus, its for all of you guys who dont have an unlock yet. Ludia is finally hearing us yaay!

But seriously didnt kentrosaurus have like a CoT in January? Why the tournament so soon? Makes no sense but oh well I wasnt level 60 back then so I’ll take it, but its a useless tourney still.


Haha could you give me a gratis copy since i already have it unlocked…

So for me I might get into dominator for once due to opponents being different for different levels

maybe a new dino

Probably not

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Different calendars


Whoa, Kentro has been my first CoT.

I’m sorry but what do you mean?

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He means they don’t talk to each other. Kentrosaurus probably won’t come up on CoT for a while, but that doesn’t mean his tournament won’t show up (like it apparently is).


Ah gotcha, makes sense then.

kentrosaurus😑 … I will not participate in this League … because I have already unlocked the kentrosaurus in a clash of the titans …

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But you can get a new individual

Would love a kentrosaurus hybrid!!!

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You do you, but I think that’s a short-sighted outlook. First off, a “free” copy of a tournament creature is nothing to turn up your nose about. Even if you don’t hatch it, it makes great trade harbor bait. Think of it as trading DNA for whatever resource. Second, on average most players find tournament grinding to be a very profitable method of resource gathering. Nobody likes the small food or coins rewards, but there are much better rewards and statistically you should land on some of those better rewards. I say this after three straight tournaments with mediocre rewards at best…
Third, the rewards in the Dominator pack are usually one of the best payouts in the game. Unless you get three coin cards, of course…

In any event, going forward, do we need announcements of no participation?


No it’s not kentro… its tuojangosaur gen 2 :joy:


Could be good! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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lol wouldve been nice to see a different dino to unlock considering its had a recent COT unlock. Especially its my first bracketed tournament where Im able to unlock the dino.

Dont these bracketed tournaments only happen like every few months if im not mistaken?


Yep, usually we get an aquatic tournament that’s bracketed, I think also that people on a lower park level towards the lower end of the 50+ bracket have reported easier battles than us max level players, at least that was what was reported in the last bracketed tournament anyways.

And you will have to get used to the repeats unfortunately, I’d unlocked bananogmius by COT and we got a tournament for it also, just think of it as a way to gain on needed resources.


I agree it’s good way to get resources and battles are easy my strategy I used was have a carnivore back up by a flyer