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Kentrosaurus Bracketed Tournament - 10/4/19 - 10/7/19

Just hit lvl 50 and i know the tournament brackets are apparently split into to types below that lvl and then the rest about, but should i really be facing this crap in hatchery league or is this another case of “balanced matchups”.

I know my lineup isnt great but in past tournaments starting off with something on this strength in hatchery hasnt ever pitted me against anything like this bs(with the sole exception of a vip tourny which i finished in hatchery because 4 consecutive matchups were against lvl 30+ vip min strength lineups).

Also this is the 2nd match i tried, the first was even worse to face :stuck_out_tongue:

Essentially yes. The bracketed tournaments start out hard. However, they don’t get that much harder as you progress point wise.


thanks all i need to know really, figure hunter league is the furthest ill get with my current lineup then. Are all tournaments bracketed or only certain ones?

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My lev 40 account is useless. Have not won a single match. The problem is that you can get to lev 40 in a few days without a decent line up. Nothing i have faced is anything like my line up level.


From time to time they are bracketed, it is far more often for the tournament to not be bracketed than bracketed.

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My first four matches I lost had to get a strong team to win the fifth match but after that I never lost another match all the way to first place in dominator league


My first run. Lost once when the opponent’s team was the perfect counter to mine, down to every single detail (Type, level, order) :joy:. It felt as if i was being studied by Grand Admiral Thrawn (feeling very "Star Wars"y now that @HanSoloWannaBe is here. I suppose you know who he is?)

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Same here, this tournament has been a NIGHTMARE for me, and I’m close to just forgetting about it completely, since this isn’t a particularly useful unlock anyway, and I have been through enough stress recently than to deal with constant losses for a prize wheel that is also much suckier than in the past. Even in Dominator, I have had losses I almost never have had before, the AI just seems to be far more often not using as many attack points and I’m also still getting MUCH harder opponents with my teams than in a regular tournament (I’m almost NEVER getting 4 points reserved off my meat shield due to the high AFS of the opponents, often leaving me too far behind to get through the rest of them, particularly when he keeps leaving additional points unused). So annoying that these bracketed tournaments are being used WAY more often now, than in the past (when I was at a level that it would have been a benefit for me) as they seem to be designed to throw players off their game and end up with a lot more losses… particularly with PvE events that are impossible to play without the dinos I would USE in the tournament as well.

Ironic that just yesterday I posted about how the game still is fun for me. I’m once again questioning that, as the one thing I hate the most is losing battles. I can take a loss here and there, but when they pile up, that’s when I begin to question if the game is NOT fun after all. I’m trying to convince myself it’s worth sticking in this to get to the prize pack at the end, but this has been by FAR the most unpleasant tournament run I’ve had since the last mod tournament.


I lost the first three battles too. Had to figure out what is the best line up to start since he starts much harder in those bracketed tournaments…you remember that I forgot.
Now that I have reached dominator league it seems to me business as usual.

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For those who are (understandably) frustrated by the tournament: don’t let it get you down. It takes a long time before a player becomes competitive for a tournament. I played for almost a year before I could finish in Hunter/Dominator. It’s still a toss-up for me after about 18 months of playing; I usually land in the top 20 of Hunter or bottom 20 of Dominator if give it the college best. The Kentrosaurus isn’t that big a deal. If you don’t unlock it, there are lots of other dinosaurs to keep your hatcheries and fusion labs plenty busy.

Good luck to all!


There’s definitely some differences even in Dominator from a regular tournament. It isn’t noticeable when I use my best teams, but players that are using teams that might have been just good enough for Dominator before may run into the issues I was having where they are getting stomped on in this one.

I’m also really frustrated at how often the AI is using carnivores in the top spot, I’ve pretty much NEVER had a team that could take more than 1-hit in my first spot. When I switched it up and put a carnivore in there, THEN the AI came with amphibians in the first two spots. Hard for me to believe that was just coincidence.

Here’s a typical lineup for me in dominator. They all look more or less the same and were easily manageable although I faced a class disadvantage.

My first round.

I believe this tournament will count towards some event at the end of the month? If so, missing it may be costly.


It well may, but no game, or any end-of-month event, is worth losing happiness over. Life’s too short and too stressful for a mobile game to add it.

Putting stress on players is how freemium games all too often make money. They live off FOMO: “fear of missing out.” Get these limited-time events, achieve these tasks that require extended amounts of time or real-world money, log-in so many times or hours to get this before it’s gone. It’s a gimmick. Don’t buy into it unless it’s a genuine source of happiness and joy for you. There are too many other glorious things in the world to miss out on to lose time to getting a new dinosaur. None of us is going to lie on our deathbeds admiring our parks on our phones & tablets.


Last time Kentrosaurus was offered (December 2018) was the first time I made Dominator in a Jurrasic Tournament. I had previously made Dominator in the Gastornis Cenozoic tournament (September or October) on the back of Thylacosmilus

Bracketed tournaments are always harder to start with, I looked back at the Pachyrinosaurus tournament to make sure I didn’t do any thing that would frustrate me at the beginning of this one, and didn’t lose a single battle all the way to Dominator. Once in Dominator it is business as usual if you are used to playing higher value creatures and are not scraping by in your matches. If you are generally just making it into Dominator on a standard tournament it might be a tough go for you on the bracketed tournaments.

Yeah I wouldn’t expect lvl 30 VIPs to have any problem. My tournament lineups start with slightly lower AFS than lvl 20 VIPs which make up the majority of what I use, but I have been continually adding stuff above those gradually so I don’t think I’ll have any problem finishing in Dominator still, but it’s frustrating when the teams that usually work suddenly are not good enough.

And yeah, I had forgotten about the end-of-month special event, I guess that’s partly why they are using a bracketed tournament… was it requiring a Dominator finish though? I’ll have to keep track of what PvE events are required as I tend to skip the ones with a wheel spin in particular, but even the other one today didn’t look all that attractive to do vs. building up more of a point lead so I can do the better PvEs over the weekend.

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Couple dominator match ups.

Lost the second one. I think my first loss of the tourney.

I need someone to remind me the next time one of these rolls around! I did start with a slightly higher team but like other players, I think it too me 3 losses before I moved high enough to finally win… and then got stomped on again in my next round. And so forth.