Kentrosaurus broken?


So with the Kentrosaurus I’ve noticed it’s instant cripple move is completely and utterly pointless! Anyone else noticed this?

Instant cripple makes you move first, fantastic! Reduces the opponents damage by 90%, awesome!.. but thats it, so basically your letting your opponent take a small amount of health off you for free every time you use it.

I tried using it against a raptor. That went well.


Pointless? That’s one of the best abilities in the game, by far. It serves a clear purpose. To soak up the big hits and buy time for your own cooldowns. It’s good against most Dino’s.


You say it is pointless but then you point at its greatest use. You use it when you are being attacked by as you mentioned a Raptor. The opponent always leads with Pounce. That gets reduced to 100 damage and is now on cooldown. You hit him hard and then you keep using Instant Cripple every time you know his pounce comes off cooldown. Either he never does much damage to you or he uses strike twice in a row and ruins his rotation for possibly the entire game.

Instant Cripple mean Pounce does little. Follow with Thagomizer while he does a basic strike. You both live he is near death. Now you go first and use your Strike which will kill his raptor or gets a free hit on whatever dino he sends in while he retreats the raptor. Rinse and repeat.


It needs to do damage. It’s pointless as is. Only remotely useful against raptor. Pointless vs anything else


Always funny to see people who don’t know the game mechanics that want to change the game :joy:
Ok you don’t know how to use instant cripple. It’s fine.

It’s super useful against a lot of dinosaurs and it brings a lot of strategy for you and your opponent.


Agreed, abilities like this actually introduce some strategy to the game so its not just mash buttons and watch. Its not chess by any means but it does add some depth.


Because you think doing 0 dmg in order to take dmg and any debuffs is good apparently you are terrible at the game.

Go ahead and name some it’s good against.


Maybe I need to clarify what my way of thinking is…

2 dino, both with 1000hp and 100 attack, mine is the Kentosaurus, your is dino A:

Me: instant cripple, no damage
You: 100-90%=10
Me: generic attack =100
You:generic attack =100
Me: instant cripple, no damage
You: 100-90% =10

So, three rounds, I’m down 120 your down 100. It makes no sense to me. Even if you swap out the move is a disadvantage.


Bro, this is a ability so you can tank strong attacks, so you can use your other attacks when the enemy only has weak ones


Except you now have the speed advantage with Thagomizer, and depending on the attacker you’re either ahead by HP die to having more from the beginning, or they have less because the Kentrosaurus does no SMALL amount of damage for its generic attack.

Your example is oversimplified to the point of being incorrect, I’m afraid. There are too many variables to homogenize it.


I’m so terrible at this game that I’m in top 100 :joy: :joy: I hope to crush you someday if you manage to rank somewhere :hugs:


Notice how you couldn’t list one dino it counters


I discuss strategy only with people who think before they speak. You said I’m terrible at this game with no clues thanks for the laugh that’s all I have left to share with you :joy:


Okay, I just have to pipe up one more time. I just had another 3 matches to take me above 1700 rating. All 3 let me have the Kentrosaurus as part of the lineup. Match 1 was heavily in my favour (3v1), match 3 was aclose fight (3v2), and match 2 was a complete domination where the Kentrosaurus tanked & spanked the entire enemy team (3v0), I didn’t even switch it out.

In each match the Kentrosaurus was instrumental, not the least of which was because of the Instant Cripple/Thagomizer combo.

If you don’t like the dino or it’s moveset, that’s on you. But you can’t possibly blame a thing for your inability to use it.


One example: when you know a raptor is going to use pounce, all that 2x damage is going to be reduced to like little damage. That ability is very strong and useful for someone who can guess their opponent attacks.


Instant cripple cripple is a fantastic move most dinos have an ability that is their big swing that’s going to take out a huge portion of your health for Raptors its pounce for others its ferocious strike for trikes it’s the stunning impact and the list goes on and on its point is to nullify most of that damage and make them waste said move esp. For dinos other then Raptors this is huge because their big hitting moves can take 2 to 3 turns to cool down leaving them wide open

And by your same.logic I suppose adeline rush should damage?
Or maybe ready to crush?? That would just make these over powered beyond belief


But how do you ‘know’? You don’t, you can’t. It’s a guess.

Its too airy fairy to be of any real use.

I’ve tried many times since my OP to use that so called attack and it’s left wanting of any use still.


You don’t ‘know’ what ANYONE is going to use. If you did, it wouldn’t be a fun, thoughtful battle. It would also be pointless, irrelevant, and you’d uninstall the game out of pure boredom.


So basically you talk a big game but can’t back it up. Ability sucks just like instant invincibility. Both extremely niche, and both only remotely useful vs raptor


To be fair, considering your overtly hostile and stubborn attitude, I wouldn’t want to discuss the matter further with you, either. Nobody is forcing you to use that dinosaur on your team.