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Kentrosaurus NOT available in Area I


I start to think that local spawns are broken to some degree. Is it only me or others also noticed that some local dinos don’t show at all? I live in Area I and I only see some of dinos I should be able to encounter. I haven’t seen even one Kentrosaurus and I find that very strange.


I find 1 Kentro almost every day but maybe 1 Sino a week. I don’t live in that zone but I spend a decent amount of time there every day hunting. I’ll collect 5k Dilo DNA before I find 1 Sino. It’s rough.

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I don’t know whats going on. I found x2 Sino in area 4 today


Just to say "Kentrosaurus is NOT available in Area 1 " is not true.

That are many factors that make it difficult to find any rare/epic dino in this game:

  • All locals are not created equal: Some locals by area have certain dinos spawning a lot while some dinos might not even spawn/rarely spawns in that local (Except L5 where everything spawns so much ;)). eg: I have an L1 nearby where I find Sino a lot, while Sino is another rare dino for most of the people.

  • A Local can be huge: Certain epics spawn only in certain area/part of a local. A huge local combined with us not being to hunt in that particular area leads to feel that dino does not spawn.

  • Unequal Epics: There are some epics like Kentro, Erliko, Anky etc. which are indeed very rare compared to other epics in that local.

  • Luck: It all depends on being at the right spot on the right time! :slight_smile:


I’ve been finding a very high number of dinos in the wrong locals. Even a raptor at 1 pm.

I’m certainly not complaining about a bit of variety, but I wonder what’s up.

Back to topic, I hit hot streaks. I’ll go a week, maybe 2 without a single Kentro and I travel through 6 local 1’s on a round trip to work and back. Then I’ll find 4-5 in a day.


I’m also getting weird dinos in my local. I keep seeing epic spinos, but unless I missed something they don’t belong in L4. Week or so ago I also had a rogue tioj and today a rare dimetrodon in a park. Very odd.

As for Kentros, I’ve seen them twice in the last few weeks, but only out of range while I was on the metro through the posh part of town. Nest points are worth noting. I get loads of velo, day and night, and deinocherus, rare Erliko, and even the occasional epic one, because I live in a city with metros and bus stops which are nest points for said dinos. If kentro has a nest area it should be on metahub. :slight_smile:


Oh, yah. I meant besides nests.

In my neighborhood, smack in L3 with no previous or known nests in sight of my house, I’ve seen several paras, a deino-chicken, a raptor at 1 pm, a dime g2, a stego!, 2 megalos, a rare spiny, and a gorgo just this past few days. Not all in the same spot, but scattered about my visual range.

I think epic spiny is a global now.


Yeah, epic spinos are global


Can someone tell me how JWA works plz 'coz I’m more used to Jurassic world the game so if someone could care to explain them that’d enlighten me greatly,thanx all and have a great :+1: day!!!:grin:


I saw a Kent and Sino today, both out of reach and I was stuck inside work. :disappointed:


A good place to start is

Read through and you’ll be an expert in no time.


Thanx m8 really learned a lot from that!!:grin:


I live in 1 and see kentro not very often, but more often than epics in other locales. Most of the time I see them from my house when I can’t go out to get them. I mainly see concaventator, baryonyx, and sino here though.


See i live in a l1 and find sino pretty often and kentro much less. I prolly see 6-7 sino to every 1 kentro I find.


It’s been a few weeks and I still haven’t seen one Kentro in local 1. I do see Sino (very rarely), Bary and Brachio for some reason but not Kentro. Ludia please fix this!


Thats funny i have seen 2 kentro since 1.6 and i live in a l2 but go over to l1 and see none or even sino