Kentrosaurus what is the point?


Just got an epic Kentro and at level 11 it is completely inferior to my level 9 Wuerhosaurus.

The Kent does 100 or so more damage but has less health, no armor (makes the descriptive text very inaccurate) and slower. My guess is that with two more levels my Wuer will exceed it in damage. Oh and both have identical attacks with same cooldowns.

Why is Kent an epic? Completely inferior. Is it that big a benefit that you can hybrid it? Is that enough reason to have such inferior stats?


Kentrosaur is definitely hybrid fodder. I noticed the same with Edmontosaur and epic Ouranosaur. The edmontosaur is a rare and much easier to find. Love the swap ability


Not quite the same for Edmont to Ouranosaur. Big difference between those. For one, Edmont’s strike and run is x1 damage versus Ouran’s x1.5. Edmont’s stun is x1 versus Ouran’s x2 stun. And Ouran is 2 points faster and has more health (survives better).

My Ouran is a beast and my Edmont is higher level.


Yeah it’s a underpowered choice, moved it out my squad today as, like you say, woefully equipped for an epic.


I enjoy capturing Dino’s so it was not a total waste getting it but very disappointed that it served purpose on my team.


Interesting. My Kentrosaurus eats raptors alive*, as the 90% crippling damage reduction is worth much more than 15-25% armor against it, and is usable as frequently as the Pounce it counters. Granted, I don’t have a Wuerhosaurus to compare it to, but the Stegosaurus happens to be better on non-glass cannons, but there’s definitely a use for Kentrosaurus.

Until my Stegoceratops levels up a bit more.

*unless I get hit by an overleveled raptor. Then I’m only prolongong my own demise.


A Wuerhosaurus does everything the kentrosaurus does only better as it has identical attacks and better stats.

So the Kent’s only value is if you have no Wuerhosaurus or you want both on your team.


In that case, I must get a Wuey!


Was excited to get my Kentrosaurus up to 14… then was thinking about throwing it on my team, but began reviewing it’s stats… and they aren’t all that great.

It has a couple more moves than a Stegosaurus, but no armor… which doesn’t make sense. It has counter-attack which is nice, but not enough to push it over for me.

It’s Instant Cripple is nice, but not doing damage for a turn, and not having armor to absorb some of that damage just seems like a negative (except for counter-attack). So i found this thread.

It’s slightly faster than Stego and Wuerhosaurus, but I’m not sure the extra two attacks make up for the loss of armor and the same health as it’s common and rare counterparts… especially for an Epic, and an epic you can’t fuse others to make… you have to find it in the wild or in Incubators.



It doesn’t do everything. The Wuer doesn’t have counter-attack. I have Kentro on my team because a) it’s currently about 5 lvls higher than my Wuer, but b) I like to use the swap function to change to it for counter-attacks.

If they are at the same level, then yeah the Wuer may still be better even without counter-attack.


that’s where I’m at. My Stegosaurus is 15, saving up the extra DNA for making Stegodeus.

My Kentrosaurus is at 14, and my Wuerhosaurus is at 13. I want to throw one in, but not sure which one to pick.


Kentrosaurus is used for ankytrosaurus qho have a superhybrid + t rex :trykosaurus a totally beast and aberration and the horror of all tanks