Where are people getting kentro dna. I doubt I have even caught 5 of these in the wild and not much from incubators either. Yet there are people here with 1000’s of dna for it with level 25 plus trykos.

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I haven’t seen one for months. Hopefully I can find a few this week with the event drops.

Kentrosaurus is an L1 local spawn, which means you will mostly come across him there. I have darted one in L3, but that is a very rare occurrence. You can also get Kentrosaurus DNA in battle incubators from S.S. Arcadia upwards and during special events. Kentrosaurus is one of the featured dinos this weekend.

I hardly ever get Kentro. The only times i’ve really got Kentro is if i’m in a long car journey, which I guess probably takes me through L1, or it’s part of a weekly event, like this week is.

Now What???

Kentro inside Prison

option a) Commit a crime,but until court it’ll be long gone
option b) Instead of breaking out , i’ll be the first one trying to break in prison
option c) Curse the spawn system,stand in front of the gates (guards stare at you), launch the drone from afar and leave the place…

Choose the option c…

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I got my Kentro from a large epic DNA incubator ( not the regular epic DNA incubator). And I continually get kentro DNA earning the incubator you get when defeating 10 dinos. I rarely see kentros out in the wild.

I got mine from epic scents in local 1. I rarely see kentros. Probably seen 5 in the wild total since the game came out. People with a billion kentros are either spoofing, or (hopefully) they live/work in local 1. It’s a hard dino to find without spending a lot of time in local 1.

By comparision, I live and work on the border of local 4 and local 3 and have probably seen more Ankylosaurus than a vast majority of players. Not that it helps me without the kentro. but still. :slight_smile: Similarly, I’m sitting on some 20,000 Tuojiangosaurus dna with nothing to do. May level my Diorajasaur just because I can at least find two of the components easily enough.