"Keratolania" should be a "pork" type dino

Recently, we have seen concepts of future possible apexes. One of then, is the apex “keratolania” (mammolania + keratoporcus), by seeing it’s body parts, surely’ll be an “rhino” type dino.

I think that this marvellous apex should be a “pork” type dino. We’ve so much competitive “rhinos” (monolorhino, mammolania etc) but we haven’t competitive “porks”, I never’ve seen any porks in battle.

That’s why, to push dino varieties in battle/tournaments, I think it’s good idea.


Pig rig ftw

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Right now I’m just hoping it wins

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The original keratoporcus release stats wise was a great Dino, then update 2.0 came along & sadly benched her, decelerating strike, lethal wound, definite rampage, mutual fury, immune to dot & distraction, apart from a few raiding strategies, it’s another one of those Dinos virtually never used, be great to see her fused into an apex.

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Keratoporcus and Mammolania are not dinosaurs

It’s just a figure of speech bud, I refer to all within the game as Dinos just a collective noun


I mean they aren’t real dinosaurs

I like him being a rhino

Back when indo g 2 was the top meta, kerato was actually a very good counter. The bleed, tankiness, and having definite rampage was a great counter. But now? No more

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