Keratoporcus is not working right

I try using it but when I used recently it was well it has resistances right if it does it doesn’t work at all and it’s group attacks are not targeting as a group attack against certain animals but this is what happens with it I go to battle a dodo I have mine very boosted and this is in campaign so Keratoporcus goes first it can do enough damage to takedown two parts with its third attack then it just gets absorbed and only one part of the flock last I checked it was a group attack anyone know what might be wrong

The third attack is fierce rampage which targets Lowest HP,The second attack is the group shattering impact which targets All opponents
That’s why when you did the 3rd attack,it got absorbed
Because it wasn’t supposed to target all opponent(all flock members) but lowest HP

By the third attack I included mutual fury as the second