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Keratoporcus needs a buff

One on the dino that is absolutely forgotten… keratoporcus. I have never seen it on the PvP or tournaments.

That’s a pity because it has a great potential with it’s group shattering attacks (may deal great damage to compso, dodo etc), but the stats and resistance it has, it doesn’t help so much.

I think Ludia should buff it (attack, crit rate and more resistances) to give it a chance to become competent and see it more in PvP.


Wouldn’t mind a buff, but I would prefer it to have a hybrid, and I agree with tournaments all you see is the same creatures.


Increasing its speed to 120 and a slight Damage buff will do wonders.


Yeah I agree Id love to see this in a tournament but its base stats are poop and its just something you make and never use

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It’s good for a couple of the legendary raids but that’s about it, and even then, you can build other dinos to farm those raids. I don’t see a lot of PvP use for it to be honest because as you mentioned… the stats and resistances.

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A unique hybrid would be awesome. Maybe something with group acceleration so we have at least another option outside of Tuora and Ceramagnus.

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