Kicked from alliance

I was kicked from my alliance with 3 minutes left of the championship series and I contributed so much that I was 5th on top contributors I am wondering do I still get the rewards or are they just lost because someone wanted to be cruel?

Normally it should be lost. You must have broken an alliance rule though as it’s quite harsh to kick out someone just before the reset at the end of an alliance championship.

Nope I didn’t and he just had the audacity to post recruiting and not meeting expectations I have screenshots proving how much I contributed and it is ridiculous

Have you gotten your reward now? What are your tournament scores?

Nope was never invited back, tourney score mine I forget I did each week my 10 plus I think I got about 600 extra?

And was tier 8

You can either:

  1. Ask a friend in that alliance to invite you back, so you can collect your reward quickly and drop out again, or
  2. Apply for the alliances you are interested in. You can DM them your tourney scores. I think you may be able to collect a reward there if you join an alliance today (not sure about this one. )

Why would someone do that, though? There would have to be a really good reason for someone to kick a top contributor off the team just minutes before collecting rewards. You should be able to collect another teams tourney rewards if you join soon

No clue but is that possible to do that?

Yes it is. I’m not sure of the time limit, but you definitely can

Nope not yet

That’s weird. Did you battle PvP or were you still at 0? Do they require an additional way of communication like discord /Facebook and you didn’t join that? Do they have lvl 20 sancs and did you place in one of them without prior consensus?
So many reasons nowadays to get people kicked.

Long story short: RaptorRedemption welcomes you if you stay as active as you’ve been and do your 10 takedowns weekly. Also discord is required

I was at 0 trophies but they knew my situation, 20 sanc followed rules battled in pvp a lot got top contributor quite often . And used discord

Situation as in personal or banned?

We have room for real life but not for banned members.So you can be excused for a certain amount of time but not indefinitely