Kicked out of alliance when active

Has anyone else been kicked out of an alliance randomly? I am a super active player and woke up this morning to collect our alliance bonuses and was no longer apart of my alliance. This is the second time this has happened to me and I’m pretty frustrated by it when I work hard to help earn the bonuses and to stay active.

I don’t kick folks unless they are gone longer than 3 days. Sorry it happened to you…Is it possible it might have been a mistake by your leader?

That really stinks! Does your alliance have any form of communication they use outside the game (like Discord or Facebook?). You might try reaching out to the leader on there or even here on the forum if they are on here. Hopefully you can find another good alliance that doesn’t do that because that’s not fair at all. Sorry that happened to you.

That’s rough and also really frustrating.

TerrorSquad has some open spots if your’e looking for a new alliance. Active but casual alliance. we help each other when possible. Reach 7/7 regularly sometimes 8/7. We request that members participate in PvP. And we give warnings before kicking people. Usually 1-3 days to get a pvp battle done at the start of a new season.

The only reason our alliance kicks players is if they ignore the very specific rules relating to shared sanctuaries.

If you haven’t done a ‘rogue’ placement into a shared sanctuary, or really upset another member somehow then this totally sucks.

I would find a new alliance that will appreciate you asap


My best friend got kicked out of the blue. No warning either.

Caused them to lose three members since myself and his partner left also.

I give it like 7 days before I remove any non active members from my alliance .

Can I just ask what is discord? I’m trying sort out my alliance sanctuaries as they are messy but it’s hard just putting it across on normal chat is that something that would help.

Discord is a free app for chat, voice, photo sharing… it’s the best way to communicate with people for things like this.


Half of my alliance shows 0 trophies while proven to battle in PvP. I’m afraid many are kicked due to this stupid bug

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Season just reset today. They should show a number if they battle today.

They haven’t been since last weeks reset… any alliance leader not on this forum may very well be kicking members

Discord is a free chat service. Gamepress has one you are welcome to join to get a feel for how it works. We are more strict on rules than alliances tend to be, but we have a huge community. You can also create smaller discords with just your alliance. It’s super easy to organize and a way to have all people in one place. Most alliances have a discord (especially those that are managing sanctuaries). I’m an admin on ours so if you want to set one up and have any questions, feel free to message me and I would be happy to help you with it.

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Awesome I downloaded the app and joined .

My alliance kicks players for 0 trophies after 24 hours, inactive for more than 3 days without valid reason, being a bad person. or slotting in the main sanc and then acting like nothing happened.

When the season is in full swing, usually I will pm the player to ask what happened before kicking.


I did kick one this week for not following santuary rules. But in general if you are active I nor any of the alliance leaders will kick anyone. Just got tired of level 10 commons taking up a high level santuary spot.

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That really sucks. Generally in our alliance people get a warning, and they at least get a chance to collect their weekly rewards even if they do get removed.

A few questions/points:

  1. As Piere asked, did your alliance have a secondary form of communication/chat outside the game? And if so, did they make mention of requiring it? We use Discord and there is SO much more going on there than in the game. It fosters better communication, team spirit, group cohesiveness, and you get to know your alliance mates. If most of your alliance is chatting away without you, it is very easy for you to be seen as less of a contributor. Not because you necessarily are, but because when the majority of the group is chatting and getting to know each other and you’re not part of that, it’s much easier to assume you’re not as team-oriented. Obviously Discord/etc. isn’t for everyone, and some people prefer to keep the game just as a game and not have it intrude on other parts of their lives. But it is what it is: this dynamic can give a false impression of who’s active and who isn’t.

  2. Did you donate DNA at least moderately well? Again, we track donations, as do many alliances. In our case submitting screenshots of who donates to you is voluntary, but it gives an overall impression of who is and isn’t contributing, or those who are constantly asking for the really good DNA but not giving back much.

  3. Everyone’s definition of “active” is different. That’s a hard one to quantify, depending on the rest of your alliance. If you were showing up as top contributor to the weekly missions a lot that helps, but if not, and if there’s no external communication, it’s hard for a leader (or other members) to tell how active someone actually is from the outside. You may be really active but not everyone can tell that. Some people consider “highly active” to be logging on a couple times a day and playing for a half hour here and there, doing some battles, spinning some drops, doing the strikes. For others, “highly active” is being in the game for hours each day, playing essentially nonstop at times. Neither one is right or wrong, it’s just highly variable, and different alliances cater to different playstyles.

  4. Do you have high-level shared sanctuarie(s), and did you place a dino in one without asking? This will get one warning and then a kick from our alliance, as there is a ton of behind-the-scenes planning that goes into big sancs and alliances can’t afford constant rogue dino placements. In some cases with players who haven’t responded to messages in game chat or Discord we’ve had to kick to get their attention, and then invite back, at which point they pay attention to chat, realize something is up, and vow never to place a rogue dino again.

  5. Did you notice if your spot was immediately filled? Sometimes, as crappy as it may be, an alliance member or the leader might have a friend or high-powered player who wants to join, and someone lower down or who is perceived as less active and less of a team player gets kicked to make space. It’s not fair, and it also sucks particularly when you’re not even given a chance to collect rewards first. Some players, through no fault of their own, end up becoming casualties of this kind of thing.

Anyway, I’m obviously not passing judgement or saying you fall into any of these categories. But just from what I’ve learned about alliance politics over the past year+, these seem to be some of the top reasons a player might be kicked unceremoniously and without warning. I wish you luck in finding an alliance that is kinder and a good fit for you moving forward and that you don’t have to deal with this again!


@Jasmine_Garner I’m looking for a player. Message me and let’s talk.

Not as far as I know, I don’t think they had anything like that set up.

Thank you everyone for your responses and insight. I was hoping it was just an error but I guess i need to find a new alliance. Thank you!