Kicked out of battle question

Since Wednesday I got 3 times kicked out of battle.

What happens: 2 times in the beginning and 1 time with the second dino for a very short time I see a pink coloured screen and then I kicked of out of the battle.

Start JWA again and battle is still going on, but 1 dino at least is aleady killed. Lost all 3 matches.

Does anyone have/had this experience to? Anyone a solution to it?

Happens a bit lol. Best solution is to hurry up close the game relaunch the game as quick as you can… The game should know when this happens and disconnect both parties but it doesn’t.

Yes, I encountered this a few times. If I can re-enter the battle again, even I have lost one dino, still possible to win the battle, but of course, lower chance. At least, I won once.

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Yep sometimes we can still win. But definitely shouldn’t be dealing with it. Honestly, think about it. Usually by the time you come back the rat is in and killed a dino already. It’s like we get to skip something that would of been frustrating anyway lol.

Agree. This is obviously a bug that we don’t want. If this happens, the only thing we can do is restarting the game, enter the battle again asap. I had once after entering the battle again, I saw his dino and mine, but no move buttons. I had to re-restart the game again. Then of course, I lost.

Yeah seen that one before too. Sometimes I can still press one of the buttons if they don’t show. Just press in the area where it should be… Though sometimes that won’t work either. But after that turn, if it works buttons will reappear.

I also tried this before. I could not see any buttons, I just pressed the position where the button should be. It worked and after that, the buttons appeared again.
This does not always work.

Yep, exactly lol xD this is silly. The game should detect a disconnection and just end the match. Or AI could take over and the player who lost connection shouldn’t lose trophies. Either way…

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Then there will be people who will exploit this. Imagine if I start a battle and find that the line up is unfavourable to me. I just make the disconnection, and battle is ended and I can do it again for the next one until I like the line up.

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Oh yeah geez I never think about things like that. And agreed people will exploit it. So it just needs to end…

They have to fix this bug other than end the battle when disconnection happens.

I’m sorry that happened, @Rico111. If you haven’t already, could you provide our team with your device information and support key here at so our team can take a closer look at this? Thanks!

That’s a good idea.