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Kicked out the clan EUapexpradators


I’m kicked out they give me no reason why
I was always prepared to give Much DNA as I could regular basis I give max. I give lot more than I receive back
I never knew why also I found that there need to be a serious reason that they need to give to the person and ludia. It’s rediculess that they can kick u out for no reason I was always polite. And generous even I give DNA what I don’t could miss and would be stupid to give away.
My opinion of a clan is sticking together help each other.
I did help yesterday I saw they kicked me out why??? At least they could asking and waiting when I responded it stills a game and in real life people die so sorry I was not much online the last few days but I find that I give more than any other.
It’s not fair
So ludia it’s time to give the leader of clans some rules!


Find a better, more understanding clan…


Sometimes these things happen by accident.

There is no confirmation when you hit the kick button.

Start your own Alliance?

Join another?


I have fat fingered and accidentally booted a friend of mine before.


I don’t think Ludia should be allowed to set the rules for alliances. Each one should be able to operate as they would like. Some alliances only allow people in a certain trophy bracket and that is their prerogative to do that. I also think categorizing alliances (competitive, casual, ect.) may help as well. Casual players can choose alliances with less “restrictions” while people joining competitive alliances would be doing so under the understanding that more may be required of them.

They also need to implement a better way of alliance leaders being able to communicate with the people in the alliance. Allow direct messaging so you might have been able to explain your situation to the leader. Or allow the leader to communicate directly with alliance members.

Obviously I don’t know the whole situation and I can understand your frustration, but letting Ludia set the rules is not the answer.


Have you sent a request to join (rejoin)? It may have been accidental. Good luck!

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I dk. You may wanna read your alliances Motto at the top. Kinda rude if you ask me. Do a quick alliance search of euapexpredators. And you may see why your alliance kicked you


Yeah, judging by the description at the top they did you a favor.


They did you a favor

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I die ask tot rejoining.
But nothing…


At least the leader needs to letting know why.
I was daily active. As much as possible?


I agree you should have had the opportunity to explain yourself. It is only fair. Hopefully they will fix that in future updates, but that just isn’t a feature right now. And you might want to see if they are here on the forum and PM them to explain the situation.

But as everyone else said, you are probably better off. I have seen several other people recruiting for alliances so I hope you find one that is more friendly and forgiving.


What is a euapexpredators? ApexPredator starts branching now?

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Lol. I’m guessing another unique name

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Hahaha… they definitely did you a favor OP.

“If you’re at the bottom of the ally, you can be replaced by higher players.”

That’s a lot of big talk considering there’s only 1 ranked player (at the tail end of the 400s no less)



We did the opposite in Carnage Collectors. We told Wrothgar he was up too high and threatened to revolt and do a hostile takeover of the Alliance unless he dropped out of the top 150. Happy to report he is about 4500 Trophies now.


Here is the prove of our revolt


In reality he let me win

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I agree with all of what you’re saying, with extra emphasis on the communication part. The “messaging” function is crude and unreliable; I’ve tried to say something to my Alliance and it hasn’t worked yet. Also appears to scramble and lose messages each time I leave and return to the app.

I would add that there needs to be some way to see how much DNA each player gives and takes. Whether it’s publicly viewable, or only viewable among members of each Alliance, or by the administrator(s) is maybe something that needs discussion (or maybe each Alliance can decide for themselves) but as it works now, unless I happen to be looking when someone gives me something, so I see the notification, I have no idea who gave me what.

Maybe I’m just unaware of that functionality and it’s actually there. If it isn’t, it should be. At the very least admins should be able to send messages to members.

As far as the issue that launched this discussion, either the responsible party was a klutz and didn’t mean to kick you out, or lacks manners, and you can definitely find another Alliance who will appreciate you more. We’ve got room in the Alliance I’m in (TYRANTKILLERS); let me know if you’d like an invite.

That goes for everyone :slight_smile:



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