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Kill the final boss (exp) or not?

I could use some tips from any of you who has killed the final boss.
My team is all lv 10, except thief who will be soon. I am at renown 11 but will likely not no to 12 yet as my last toon, Reika is only lv 5 with poor gear. Reaching Renown 12 will force mw to bring her to pvp so I will wait till she is better geared and ready to level straught to lv 10.

My real question is; does it make sense to kill the final boss and open HCD as my free dungeon?
Currently I can consistently get 2 x d20 on the dragon but have yet to 3d20 the dragon.
Any tips and suggestions will be most valuable
Kind regards

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Bookmarking this as I was wondering that myself, I’m on the second to last Boss in explore. I more often than not get 3 dice in HSM (and that way like we’re seeing from my thread you make up your investment anyway) and I might continue doing it, but it’d be nice to know if 3 dice in HSM = at least 2 dice in HCD…

Kill him if you can, you get a legendary item, and even if you can only get one dice for the challenge, the rewards are good. And when Heartcoil is the featured challenge, you’ll be able to do it.

Good point, and I did not know about the free legendary😋
Now just wait for the game to come online again…

I wouldn’t finish the game yet if I were you. If you cannot consistently beat with 3d20 your current dungeon, you Will be wasting your free pass every few hours in the much more difficult last challenge. Sure, the rewards are better per say, but in the long run, having more dice will surely mean higher dice. I can consistently beat the golem but i still lose at room 7 or 8 before the last mind flayer.

I find the value of even 1d20 on the last dungeon consistently outweighs the value of 3d20 of a lower dungeon for my free rolls. I went to complete and do not regret it at all. The only benefit of 3d20 is increased odds of better gear. 1d20 gives me access to all gear in the next level. Most rolls are a net positive AND a net increase over anything in the lower level.

I agree. You may at 1st have trouble with room 2 once in a while. But the better rewards on 1 d 20 are worth it in my opinion. Even to farm would rather pay the 350 to 1 maybe 2 d 20 over a dungeon I get 3 d20.

If you haven’t done it yet, don’t.

I can nearly 100% clear all 3 iterations of Harvestshield Mountain, and on HCD I’m lucky if I can get 2 dice (sometimes die as soon as room #4). While it’s really nice to get lucky with the 105 gems or 14 epic rewards, and while HSM, like any other challenege, is sustainable even with no fre runs as long s you can cinsistently get 3 dice, I rue the day I beat HCD and it became my free challenge instead.