Killed 3rd dino, in swapped the fourth!

Playing in the tourney, I swapped in Dilophoboa as he swapped out his Stegod. The 1x on escape took him out for the third kill, but in swapped his fourth, the Rat! I had to select a move, but then the match crashed. After relaunching it credited me with the 3-2 win but thought it was worth a look.

Area is was found in: Fairgrounds

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- See above

How often does it happen: At least once

What type of device are you using: Android

Anything else?

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It is theoretically possible to kill 4 dinos with the on escape mechanics. As the dinos still swaps from the manual swap even if it dies, a 4th cans still be brought in. I don’t think the computer can handle that.

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Maybe the game was offering your snake a tasty treat for the win =D


In theory I would agree, but this was a 100% health Rat so it only took a hit and didn’t die. It was still 3-2 at that point (in the photo) however.

I just don’t think the computer knows what to do when the dino that died to the on escape ability swaps out for a full health dino when the match would be over. I guess moves still need to play out in case of ties.

Looks like Ludia will need to work that out. Can’t have the game crashing like that, even if it errored itself out.

I’ve been through a similar situation in a fight for area polls and arena pvp, I was a little confused because although I lost 3 creations first, I was considered a winner in both cases. Strange bug

It sounds like the game was “finishing” the other players turn, which was his swap, and the game just bugged out.

Im betting a similar thing might happen if say they had a low health Dilorach that uses hit and run, which would trigger a swap on their end, but thwir Dilo would die before leaving, and I assume at this point their next dino would come in…but bug the game, unless they specifically tested this situation.

I thought so at first too, but it definitely popped up the action buttons and let me select one (and I assume the same for my opponent as well). I waited almost the full 30 sec before I chose one to see if it would “end”, which it did not.

Yeah the game would see a live dinosaur on their end and thus give you the option to attack as normal, but the server itself knows the enemy lost because its counted 3 defeats, and then the game client just mucks up.

It is possible. I plan to try it in a friendly later with the wife’s phone.

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Yeah it should be fairly easy to recreate the bug in a friendly, maybe also test against Erlidom or something that heals and swaps, as long as it is low enough to be killed by the swap out ability, it might replicate the bug.

It’s almost two separate scenarios. The ‘hit and run’ really only works with Immunes because of the Venomous Counter (“Target is pinned and has damage reduced 50% 1 turn”) so I should test to see if that works but then also just a straight swap like my opponent did. Maybe even two scenarios here, one I should swap to something with a swap-in attack and one without.

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Sounds like a good plan, keep us updated to see how the testing went =).

I’m thinking they probably tested some situations but maybe not all, we shall see anyway =)

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“Remy” is trying to break the system after it got nerfed so badly :joy:

You can use the Epic Titanoboa too, since it has On Escape Rampage, and no Venomous Counter.

Finally got around to it, and looks like it works correctly. The fourth dino swapped in but then I was able to see the “You Win”. My phone must have glitched out just before this happened when I reported the bug. I did also test a couple other scenarios:

  1. Swapped in PhoBoa against an Ourano Impact and Run - The swap was prevented by Venomous Counter.

  2. Manually swapped both dinos at the same time, mine was slower than my opponents - opponent’s dino swapped first (as expected) my PhoBoa swapped in but did nothing.

  3. Same as 2 except mine was faster. PhoBoa swapped first, and took out slower opponent On Escape.

Only thing I couldn’t test was an immune hit and run, as the wife doesn’t have an Erlidom yet.

Last I guess maybe it could be something to do with swapping to something like Draco specifically, a swap in bug. I’ll check that out tomorrow.

You don’t need Erlidom, just use Erlikogamma or Phorusaura.
They’re both Immune to Swap-prevention.

Swapped in the 4th dino after you smashed 3 is nothing…it is when your opponent swaps in the 5th dino after you have “killed” all 4 of your opponent’s dinos… that’s when trouble starts. LOL

I’ve had that happen also but only ever against a bot.